THE WRITERS STUDIO @ 30- Writing Classes Survive the heat and the politics, and celebrate the excruciating beauty and delights of summer.

Survive the heat and the politics, and celebrate the excruciating beauty and delights of summer.
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“Libidinous, impulsive, sarcastic, bitter, casually suicidal, and committed to his art…”
This is a description of Rich, the engaging anti-hero of Matthew Klam’s new novel, Who Is Rich?, due out on July 4, in a starred review in Publishers Weekly. Congratulations, Matt, valuable member of The Writers Studio Advisory Board, on a great review.  We were lucky to get an advance copy, we couldn’t put it down. Read the full review here. Buy it here.

Matthew Klam, named one of the best 25 fiction writers under 40 by The New Yorker, Guggenheim fellow, and Whiting Award winner, will talk about his writing process in what’s sure to be an entertaining and enlightening conversation with Philip Schultz in the Craft Class this fall. To attend or download this class, register for the Fall Craft Class now, before the price goes up. If you are not taking a Fall writing class, register here. If you are taking a Fall writing class, register here.

Interesting New Book About How Exercises And Quality Feedback Can Lead To Excellence

Focus, The Hidden Driver of Excellence, debunks the myth that a mere 10,000 hours of practice leads to excellence, whether you’re an athlete, doctor, or writer. Daniel Goleman, the celebrated psychologist and journalist, best-known for his influential 1995 book Emotional Intelligence, explains that the quality of practice, along with other factors, including expert feedback and focus on your craft are essential to producing your best work. This is a good description of how we help writers achieve full creative expression. Read more about Focus here. Read more about our unique technique for bringing out the best in writers here.

 Your Summer Writing Practice

Online Level I starts July 1,  July 25

Online Level 2 with Joel Hinman starts June 27

Online Level 3 starts July 5

*Online Level 4 starts June 21

Online Maintaining Your Creative Spirit starts July 13

Spend your summer reading and listening to podcasts, learning how to read as a writer. Summer Craft Class is available for download. Register here.
Or here if you are also taking a Summer writing class (discounted price).

Register Now for Fall Craft Class, before prices go up.
With a workshop. Without a workshop.

* NYC Level I starts June 21, July 10

NYC Level 2 starts July 10

NYC Maintaining Your Creative Spirit starts  July 11


* Hudson Valley Workshop starts June 20

Hudson Valley Intermediate starts July 11


Tucson Workshop starts June 29,  July 1

Tucson Intermediate starts June 29

Tucson Master starts June 27


* San Francisco Workshop starts June 14June 17

* San Francisco Intermediate starts June 15, June 17

* San Francisco Advanced starts June 13

* You may enter a class up to two weeks late; the teacher will help you catch up.

We now offer registration through PayPal as well as all major credit cards. Register now Online or by phone 1-(212) 255-7075.

A Whole New Endeavor

Maintaining Your Creative Spirit:
Writing Through Constant Disruptions From The Outside World

How to tolerate the constant badgering of one’s inner life, to safe-keep the preciousness of one’s very thoughts?

How to deal with the constant disruptions of this present political climate? Writers have always dealt with these questions, in the best and worst of times, and these, as many would agree, are certainly among the most challenging.

Introducing a new, six-week course in self-preservation through creative writing, open to everyone–writers new to The Writers Studio, current and former students in The Writers Studio, and people curious about writing to survive that will help you address:

  • Writing in the pressure cooker
  • Writing when you feel like screaming
  • Writing when the political / cultural conflict we are in makes it seem a) impossible to write or b) necessary to write and you don’t know how to start
  • Writing when you ask yourself whether it is worth while to even try to write in these times


You may enroll in a 10-week workshop and Maintaining Your Creative Spirit concurrently, but you may not submit the same work to two different classes.
This course is offered Online: Read More  and in New York City: Read More

30 Submission Calls and Competitions for Poetry and Other Writing
Long poems, haiku, stories, novels, writing for young adults. Whatever you’ve written, there are opportunities to publish and win awards, with deadlines in the near future. A great list here.
Matthew Klam on Writing

“It helps to have people around who are smart. They can work in your office or at school. It doesn’t matter as long as you have a good reader. You need people to help shape what you write. Everything I’ve written has gotten so much better by working with people. I learned that flashbacks are by nature static. Don’t end a story with a dream. You have to follow through and evolve as much as you can. You have to make the old thing new. That’s what we do to keep people engaged. You can do all these “No no’s” in fiction, but you have to make it new.” Read the full interview here.

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