Meet the cast of A TALE OF AUTUMN
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Cast Announcement:
When you manage to convince internationally renowned playwright Christopher Chen to write an absurd play for you about the absurd national climate, he makes a few absurd demands:
1) An unlimited supply of Red Vines and Diet Mr. Pibb
2) A weekly game of Settlers of Catan using multiple expansion packs
3) A stellar cast that speaks Chen and knows how to congeal

We are here to deliver on these demands.

Ed Berkeley
Skyler Cooper 
Sarah Nina Hayon+
Lawrence Radecker*
Maria Candelaria+
Nora el Samahy+
Michele Apriña Leavy*+
Christopher W. White
*Crowded Fire Resident Artist
+Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Potrero Stage

The World Premiere of A TALE OF AUTUMN by Christopher Chen
directed by Mina Morita
September 14 – October 7, 2017


Potrero Stage

Formerly known as Thick House), 1695 18th Street, SF

Set in a parallel world, A TALE OF AUTUMN is a psychological rise-to-power fable. When the popular founder of the benevolent but formidable Farm Company dies, the struggle to find his successor unfolds in an absurd and eerily familiar landscape. With each twist and turn, Christopher Chen creates a perilous ‘House of Mirrors,’ in which intentions are blurred and convictions are shattered.

Visit for more information and to purchase tickets!

Ignite Fund

Launched in 2016, Crowded Fire’s Ignite Fund seeks to support the growth of and enhance the working lives of theater designers and technicians in the Bay Area with an eye towards supporting the plurality of race, culture, class, gender, and age in our local design and technical community.

Whether they are hanging from scaffolding with a hand full of gels, programming surround sound from under the seats, sourcing a crate of fresh persimmons in February, or giving directions with embroidery needles sticking out of their mouths, our theater designers and technicians build the worlds you see on our stage. They transform the visceral into the tangible. In short, they make the magic happen.

If you’re one of these incredible makers in the theater community, we want to support you! We understand that growth in and innovation of design comes from designer’s and technician’s investment in tools and training. We believe in your vision! Crowded Fire’s Ignite Fund provides grants for professional development workshops and training opportunities, to purchase design tools and equipment, and to strengthen the economic sustainability of an arts practice.

Each year a total of up to $10,000 will be granted through the Ignite Fund. Grants range between $1,000 and $5,000 to support theater designers and technicians who have worked on a minimum of one Crowded Fire production.

Submission deadline: July 15th, 2017 by 11:59pm P.S.T.
Devon LaBelle, properties designer and recipient of a 2016 Ignite Fund grant, says,
“The Ignite Fund allowed me to get the most important tool in my tool kit that helps me do what I do best. Everyone has that one thing, but not everyone has access to it.”

Devon’s most important tool is the pickup truck she purchased with her Ignite Fund grant to help transport materials, tools and her award-winning props. Since acquiring this big orange beauty, Devon has mastered props for 24 productions and counting. We love spotting Clementine parked outside of theaters around the Bay Area!

“It’s definitely a unique opportunity to be a tech person and to be able to apply for a grant that furthers your career in some way.”
JUNE MONKEY PICK: Chris Chen, yet again
San Francisco Playhouse
Presents the World Premiere of
You Mean to Do Me Harm

In this world premiere by 2017 Obie Award winner Christopher Chen, an innocuous comment at a dinner of two interracial couples leads to a surreal escalation of Cold War-style paranoia. You Mean to Do Me Harm is a psychological exploration of Chinese and American foreign relations, and of the personal relations we hold most dear. Crowded Fire patrons can save $5 off tickets by using the code CFSAVE5. 


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