Neil Bernstein Artist- Art Exhibition PRESIDENTIAL DISTRESS

Subject: “PRESIDENTIAL DISTRESS-9.11″Art exhibition Downtown L.A. opens February 9th Artwalk @GDCA Gallery 727 S. Spring st 90014

PBS, Univision, CBS, Telemundo, NBC, NPR, S.A.TV , NOVA TV Eastern Bloc Europe . “Born on Memorial Day” Commander-“Creative Department of Defense” ” Crrreators ” see” The Politics of Haunting and Memory in International Relations” “Trans-Pacific WWII -Japan Memorial 2017″ , Intelligent museum, diplomatic, and public arts since 1976 U.S. Army Artist Ft. Gordon, Ft. Jackson etc. . Designed and built First-responder memorials from wreckage at World Trade Center 2001-2003 , The New Lincoln Veterans Memorial 2015-, Golden Gates Immigration Water Bridge -Memorial gateways @U.S.-Mexico Borders, FEMA Area 3 Seaside Heights NJ, Lower 9th Ward- Hurricane Katrina, The Working Man’s Memorial -Scranton, Pennsylvania . International media spokesman for” Art After 9/11″ . Bringing museum Arts and memorials to the six-O’clock news since 9/11. Museum exhibitions: The
Netherlands, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Israel and America since 1989. Museum -University lectures on request.

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