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Odyssey Storytelling- Presents MISSION

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Odyssey Storytelling Presents!


Thursday, February 2nd
(Doors Open at 6:30)

Come enjoy an exciting night of schemes, dreams, and heroic deeds.  We’ll hear stories about a military mission in the Middle East as well as a missionary trip to the Sudan. And we’ll also hear from ordinary people who chose a target and took their best shot, hit or miss.

Political Cartoonist: David Wayne Fitzsimmons
Firefighter: Ardell Deliz
U.S. Air Force Linguist Jordan Wilson
Former Missionary: Ellen Morrell
Emergency Dispatcher: Steve Braun
Chef & Activist:  Liane Hernandez
Mission San Xavier Del Bac Restoration Expert: Timothy Lewis

Curated by Molly McCloy

$8 Adults, $6 Students with ID

For more info, visit our website.

Buy tickets here!

Show @ 7pm, Doors open at 6:30
The Screening Room: 127 E. Congress St.

Tickets $8
Students $6!! (with valid ID at door)

*Advance ticketing is open seating (not a specific seat). Be sure to PRINT YOUR TICKETS at home and show them at the door.

Where do I park downtown?

Got Stories? We want them.

To submit your story for consideration, send us a one-paragraph synopsis of your story and a brief bio about you.  Or Submit your story online here.

Don’t worry! We have a rehearsal and offer lots of guidance. 

Need more info?

Find us on Facebook
> Visit our website  

Email us:
Call: 520-730-4112

Make a Donation!

Storytelling is important.  Please consider giving a tax deductible donation.  You can mail your check or you can use this link:

StoryArts Group Inc.
P.O. Box 40422
Tucson AZ 85717

Odyssey is a program of STORYARTS GROUP, INC., a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. All donation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and they are gratefully accepted.

Upcoming Shows

Feb 2 Mission
March 2 Left
April 6 Awkward
Copyright © *2016* *StoryArtsGroup*, All rights reserved.

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- ON RAGLAN ROAD


By Mattie Lennon

“Only in you my song begins and ends.” So wrote Philip Sidney.

 When we are intrigued, uplifted or moved by a song how often do we know where it began?

  Most Irish love-songs were inspired by women. But who were these women? When you listened to Luke Kelly belting out “Raglan Road” or Brendan O Dowda’s rendition of the haunting “Gortnamona”did you wonder who the objects of the composition were?   Gerry Hanberry’s latest book “On Raglan Road – Great Irish Love Songs and the Women Who Inspired Them”   gives the story  of the unrequited love in Patrick Kavanagh’s life when the   Medicanl Student, Hilda Moriarty admired his talent but didn’t want any romantic involvement with the 40 year old poet.  This  inspired the poem   “Raglan Road”.  The book also tells  the stories behind of thirteen  other Irish love songs and in-dept biographical accounts of their authors..  We are told in great detail who the real “Galway Girl”,Nancy Spain” and “Grace” were.  Thin Lizzy’s  “Sarah”, Mick Hanly’s “Past the Point Of Rescue”  and  Johnny Duhan’s  “The Voyage” all have strong and beautiful  women behind them.  The devastating death of Percy’s Frenh’s first wife at a  young age prompted him, in his grief, to compose “Gortnamona”. Whatever about every good man having a woman behind him does every good song have a woman behind it?  

      GerryHanberry has published four collections of poetry to date and also a biography of the Wilde family,  “More Lives Than One – The Remarkable Wilde Family Through the Generations”  and four collections of poetry .   In 2000 he won the prestigious  Originals Short Story prize in Listowel Writers’ Week.     Having won the  Sunday Tribune/Hennessy Award in 2000 he went on to win the  Strokestown Prize 2003 and RTÉ’s Rattlebag Poetry Slam  also in 2003.  In the Summer of 2004 he  won the Brendan Kennelly*/Sunday Tribune Poetry Award  and he also  won the Galway City and Co. Council’s Poetry Award for National Poetry Day 2009 and  he has been shortlisted for many of Ireland’s top poetry prizes .  Apart from his writing he is acoustic guitarist and vocalist with the great Rock, Country, Blues band The Atlantic Rhythm Section.

   He has been invited to read and deliver workshops at many literature festivals and been broadcast on Lyric FM, Galway Bay FM, Newstalk, Midwest Radio, Cape Cod Radio in the US, Ireland’s RTÉ and in Australia.   He holds an MA in Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway, where he teaches a Creative Writing course to undergraduates. He is also a teacher of English at St. Enda’s College, Salthill. He was a journalist during the 1980s and 1990s, writing a weekly column for the Galway Observer under the name “Joe Barry”. In addition he performs regularly as a singer-songwriter. He runs  creative writing and poetry appreciation workshops and delivers talks on his non-fiction works around them .  He is available to give a reading or talk, sing or play  and can be contacted at ;

*P.S.  I hope Gerry doesn’t mind me using the following; In 2004 Brendan Kennelly wrote “ Raglan Lane “, a celebratory  “poemsong “ that gives Patrick Kavanagh a moment of happy fulfilment rather than a climax of disappointment.

                                               RAGLAN LANE.

In Raglan Lane, in the gentle rain, I saw dark love again,

Beyond belief, beyond all grief, I felt the ancient pain,

The joyful  thrust of holy lust, I stretched on heaven’s floor,

One moment burned what the years had learned and I was wild once more.

The years’ deep cries in her sad eyes became a source of light,

The heavy gloom  and sense of doom changed to pure delight,

And as we walked and talked we knew one thing for sure,

That love is blessed togetherness and loneliness is poor.

Then I grew rich with every touch, we loved the whole night long,

Her midnight hair bon the pillow there became an angel’s song,

Her happy skin, beyond all sin, was heaven opened wide,

But as the dawn came slyly on, I slept and she left my side.

Why  did she go? I’ll never know, nor will the gentle rain,

Her up and go was a cruel blow, and yet I felt no pain

For I had known her body and soul, in my own loving way,

So I lay and thanked the God of love at the dawning of the day.

Mattie Lennon

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Playwrights Foundation-Resident Playwrights Initiative



January 20, 2017

Why are these writers smiling?  Because they’re Playwrights Foundation RESIDENT PLAYWRIGHTS!

Meet the current cohort (clockwise from left): Michael Gene Sullivan; Jon Bernson; Victoria Chong Der; Min Kahng; E.Hunter Spreen; Lisa Ramirez; Patricia Cotter; Jonathan Spector; Dipika Guha and the newest RP, Noelle Viñas (both not pictured).

Our Resident Playwrights Initiative is a four-year professional development program that provides an artistic home and launches careers.

We’re excited to share some of their new projects – Click HERE to see a small sampling of what they’ve been up to this winter.  Celebrate creativity and the value of art – get out and see one of these fine productions!

Jon Bernson      Victoria Chong Der    Patricia Cotter

Dipika Guha     Min Kahng          Lisa Ramirez

Jonathan Spector     E. Hunter Spreen    
                           Noelle Viñas   Michael Gene Sullivan


by Jon Bernson

“One moment. The present. You are in the present moment.”
Journey with us to learn the Way of the Moonwalk.

directed by Jon Tracy

Mon 1/23  7:30PM
Roble Hall, Stanford
Tues 1/24  2PM
Custom Made Theatre

Always Pay What You CanReserve a seat HERE

This weekend in SF


E. Hunter Spreen   (Resident Playwright)
An environmental morality play.

Fri 1/20 & Sat, 1/21 at7:30PM,University High School Theater, SF

Tickets HERE

FOR TODAY: Great advice from Resident Playwright Min Kahng

Artmakers and storytellers – write books, draw comics, paint paintings, do stand-up, code video games, make movies, become a YouTube sensation, craft poetry, animate short-films, make documentaries, design fashion, sing original songs, choreograph a number, create theatre!

Make us laugh. Help us grieve, heal, and breathe.

Challenge our notions. Engage us in social dialogue.

Teach us to be kind and empathetic. Remind us who we are.

Show us who we can be.

Let’s keep inundating our culture with our varying narratives and perspectives. We’re playing a cultural long-game here – centuries in the making. We can be influencing tomorrow’s voters in profound ways today. There are short-term horrors to be concerned and grappled with to be sure, but never doubt the power of your craft to shape the country in the long-run.

(Oh, and do drag! Lots and lots of drag!)


Playwrights Foundation uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.

Playwrights Foundation – 1616 16th st, Ste 350, San Francisco, CA, 94103, (415) 626-2176
Vendini, Inc. – 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173

View as a web page.

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KVOA Tucson News-Local artist, veteran pressured to take down ‘Trump’ artwork

KVOA Tucson News-Local artist, veteran pressured to take down ‘Trump’ artwork

KVOA Tucson News-Local artist, veteran pressured to take down ‘Trump’ artwork

TUCSON –One local artist and Army veteran is upset after he was allegedly pressured to take down his artwork because it bears the name of President-elect Donald Trump.

Neil Bernstein presented a collection at Espresso Art Café Friday evening. The artwork, which featured backwards American flags with ‘Trump’ emblazoned on them, was all done by disabled veterans.

“We made the flags, myself and another veteran, as a metaphor for the distress that all of us are experiencing right now on all sides,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein hoped the art would start a conversation on how divided the country is. But things took a turn for the worse after the flags were displayed in the café.

“People began protesting to the owner, demanding the ‘Trump’ name be covered up or the works would be torn down,” he said.

Bernstein said he has received numerous messages from the business owner demanding he take the pieces down, despite the fact that the exhibition isn’t supposed to be over.

He’s upset, but said he’ll take them down and display them somewhere else.

“The issuance of an order, a demand to either remove President Trump’s name, or to take the works down, or have them destroyed, is unacceptable,” he said.

News 4 Tucson reached out to the owner of the café. He said he had no comment on the matter.

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Playwright Foundation- Rough Readings Presents Jons Bernson’s THIRD EYE MOONWALK

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The Writer Studio-Cash and Awards for Dyslexic Students & College Scholarships— $40,000 will be awarded in 2017 & Writing Classes

Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so. — Doris Lessing
View this in your browser
Update For Potential Students and Others Interested In Our School
Cash and Awards for Dyslexic StudentsYoung writers age 7-17 Creative Writing Awards. Deadline is January 21, 2017. Cash Prizes:


Also, College Scholarships— $40,000 will be awarded in 2017:

A Good Week to Join Us For A Reading in NYCSunday, January 22, 2017, 7 p.m.

Writers Studio Level III and IV Students

Readings by Maria Galeano, Hani Omar Khalil, Corey Sabourin and Emily Stutz

KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, New York

Free (1 drink minimum)

Complete calendar of readings here.

Last Call For Winter Classes
Click any underlined text for more info and to register or call us 212-255-7075 <you many enter a class up to two weeks late>

Online I starts
January 14
January 17

NYC I in the West Village starts
January 18
January 23 

NYC I in Brooklyn starts
January 19 

Hudson Valley Workshop starts
January 17

Tucson Workshop starts
January 17

Amsterdam Workshop Started
January 9 < you may enter up to 2 weeks late>

Calling All Poets

If you have an MFA in Poetry or have taken four or more post graduate poetry classes, take one of these classes:

NYC Advanced Poetry in the West Village Started
January 9
You may enter either class up to 2 weeks late.  Use discount code onlinepo for $30 discount

Tutorials Start Whenever

More info is here.
Not Afraid

“The emphasis on the persona narrator keeps me focused on the emotion and not disconnected. Also I have learned to take risks and not be afraid to embarrass myself.” — Catherine Wolf, Online Advanced Poetry student

Read more student feedback here.

Forward to Someone
Inspiration, Opportunities
Events, Offers
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. — Martin Luther King, Jr.
NYC – Tucson – San Francisco – Amsterdam   Online – Kids Write – Hudson.

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The National Writers Union- Hosts Linda Valdez and Open Mic Jan 16, 2017

The National Writers Union- Hosts Linda Valdez and Open Mic Jan 16, 2017

The National Writers Union will be hosting a reading and open mic on Monday, January 16, starting at 6:00 p.m. at Bookmans on Grant in Tucson. This month Linda Valdez will be the featured reader. She will be reading from her recently published work, Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders (Texas Christian University Press), a personal story about her falling in love with a Mexican man who crossed the border illegally to be with her. Their 27-year marriage “has been a journey of discovery as the daughter of middle-class America and the son of rural Mexico built a life together that honors both cultures. At a time when political rhetoric aims to dehumanize immigrants, this book offers a story of shared humanity.” Linda is a member of the editorial board at The Arizona Republic/ and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in 2003. Her commentary opposing Arizona’s hard-liner immigration laws earned her the Scripps Howard Walker Stone Award for editorial writing in 2010.

This will be followed by an open mic that is for spoken word only, but is open to all forms of spoken word (fiction, essays, poetry, articles, polemics, etc.). So bring something to read!

The event will be held in the community room of Bookmans Entertainment Exchange at Grant and Campbell in Tucson (1930 E. Grant Rd.), which is in the back of the store behind the children’s literature section. There is ample free parking.

National Writers Union
(UAW Local 1981/AFL-CIO)
Tucson Unit
National Writers Union – Tucson Chapter | Facebook

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