By Mattie Lennon

    Cyber bullying is a major problem worldwide.  It can be defined as,  “unwanted messages, images, audio or video sent by electronic means to threaten, abuse or harm someone. “

   Many institutions are doing their best to combat cyberbullying  but none  is more innovative than Cyber Smarties. They  are “ . . . committed to developing technology which educates positive behaviour on a practical, safe platform for Primary School children and young adults with Special Needs, to ensure that all can learn safe, fun and positive social networking skills which promote self-confidence, self-esteem and eliminate cyber-bullying. The Core Values that guide us are collaboration, excellence and creativity.”

   CEO Diamuid Hudner told me, “ is the FIRST SAFE EDUCATIONAL SOCIAL NETWORK designed specifically for Primary & Special Needs Schools. Through in-built behavioural technology, allows kids to use social media in a controlled, supervised and safe environment without the fear of harassment or cyber-bullying. uses technology to educate children in a practical way in positive online behaviour, to protect their own well-being, to make friends with other kids safely and promotes netiquette and empathy.  It is the first social network to use behavioural technology combined with education to teach children to use social media responsibly and protect their online presence. For more information please contact

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