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Randy Ford Author- HIM

by Randy Ford

(Along with HIM, two girls are waiting for a school bus)

Kay: Him.
May: Him?
Kay: Yes, you know… Him.
May: I see who you mean. (Frowning) Ooooo! Him again.  Him.
Kay: Don’t look at him. Ugh!  Him.
May: Yes, it is….  Him.
Kay: You’re looking at him.
May: Am not!  I am not looking at him.
Kay: If it’s not him you’re looking at….
May: I’d rather die than look at him.
Kay: Yep, it’s him.
May: Are you sure?  Are you sure it’s him.
Kay: Everyday it’s him.   Everyday it’s him.  You know it is … him.  Him.
May: Him and no one else.
Kay: And that other guy.
May: The other guy is not as bad as him.  No he’s not as bad as him.
Kay: Or worse.  Or worse than him.
May: Or mean.  Or mean as him.
Kay: I hate him.
May: I could do without him too. The other guy. You’re staring.
Kay: I can’t help it.  I can’t help looking at him.
May: What is it about him?
Kay: I don’t know. He’s… You know. Him.
May: I don’t fancy being like him.
Kay: You don’t have to worry. You can’t be like him.
May: Him or the other guy?
Kay: You’re right, May. If I was brave, I’d go over to him and….
May: What?
Kay: I’d tell him, tell him to mind his own business. Write down his name.
May: You wouldn’t do it.
Kay:   Write down his name.  You don’t know his name.  There’s something not right about him.  There’s something odd about him.
May: Just looking at him you’d think….
Kay: What do you think? What is it about him?  What’s odd about him?
May: I don’t know. But it’s there. Something, something odd about him.  Something not right about him.  Kay, you’re way too obvious. If you keep staring, he’ll…he’ll say something to us.
Kay: I’m not staring at him.
May: If not him, who then? Boy, you’ve done it now. He’s staring back.
Kay: Who’s winning? Him or me?
May: Him.
Kay: Huh!
May: I can’t believe you’re flirting with him.
Kay:  I’m not flirting at him.   Oh, what am I doing? (She slaps her own hand.) I wouldn’t want him to think….  No! He’s more interested in you.  No!  He’s more interested in you.
May: His eyes aren’t directed at me. You’re the one he’s looking at.  He’s looking at you.
Kay: No, you’re wrong.  He’s looking at you.
May: It’s certainly not me.
Kay: Gosh!
May: What?
Kay: Look at him!
May: Him?  I wish he’d stop. Oh, he’s…turning this way. I told you, don’t look at him. Now you’ve really done it.
Kay: It’s not me.  He’s not looking at me.
May: You turned around, and…. Gosh! You’re way too obvious … too much makeup … too much …. everything. He’s going to think. Him! He’s the creepiest!  Him!  He’s the creepiest!
Kay: Him!
May: Scariest guy!  He’s scariest guy!
Kay: Him! I don’t know what!
May: Him, him, him! He’s coming…coming… Oh, no! No! He’s walking this waaay! Him!
Kay: Let’s go.
May: It’s too late.
Kay: He’s going to say something to me; I know he will.  I know he will say something to me.
May: No, he won’t.
Kay: Yes, he will.
May: Not to you.
Kay: Yes, me.
May: No, no. Never in a million years. You never …. Never, with someone that ugly.
Kay: Yes, he’ll … Him! Then I’ll ignore him.
May: You can’t.  You can’t ignore him.
Kay: I will.
May: You won’t?
Kay: You’re right. I won’t. I’ll put it out of my mind. He’s too ugly.  He’s too ugly for me.
May: Pretend you don’t see him. Walk right through him.
Kay: Sail by him. Walk! Look stuck up. Boy, that was close.


Randy Ford

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