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Mark P. Sadler

It is with great excitement that I can now announce that my novel, Kettle of Vultures, is finally published and available for the public to buy. As of today it is available on Amazon as a downloadable ebook and by week’s end the physical book will be there for you, too. I need your help to get attention for my novel and see if, as my group of supporters, you can help me become an award-winning, best-selling novelist.

 Of course that means 1) please buy the book and 2) please forward this email to at least five other people and ask them to do the same. Buy and pass on the message. Word of mouth is the only marketing I have available and I will be most appreciative of every effort you can make on my behalf.

 It is a gritty, raw, explicit Southwestern tale of border noir; a riveting story full of twists, intrigue and non-stop action, featuring Nate Duarte, a Tucson sex crimes detective. Now, for some of you gritty and raw just isn’t your cup of tea, as they say in England. It is not a cozy, and may not be the type of book that you read. Understood. Perhaps, however that young man that cleared the snow from your drive this winter, or you spouses’ cousin loves a good thriller, or if nothing else you can request your local library order it for the community (my indie publisher is not on all the big library lists that book are ordered from). Maybe you are someone who prefers not to use Amazon. I’m sure your local neighborhood bookstore will be happy to order it for you, and if you recommend it perhaps they’ll buy more.

One last thing. If you would please give a review at my Amazon site when you have finished it will help boost the ratings and keep me at the fore of the border noir genre. Thanks for any little thing you can do to help me, and please feel to ask for reciprocation.

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  1. Stephen Spires

    Kettle of Vultures is an exciting new novel by Mark P. Sadler that draws the reader in to page after page of action and intrigue. The effortless, racy style of the language makes the journey through each chapter an enjoyable one. I found myself gobbling up pages without realizing it… Definitively, a most worthy second novel by this new writer, and a must read.

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