James Gurley Author- KAIJU KIRIBATI


by James Gurley

James Gurley’s latest horror publication, a novel from Severed Press. KAIJU KIRIBATI, the sequel to KAIJU: DEADFALL.  Severed Press also brought two other novels, INTULO, A LOST WORLD novel, and THE LAW GIVETH, A Jake’s Law zombie novel, for release early in 2916.

Montag Press is releasing his YA science fiction novel, POOLS OF YARAH, early in 2016 and bought rights to the sequel, CHILDREN OF YARAH.  They will also be releasing the sequel to his YA science fiction novel ORACLE OF DELPHI, DARK DELPHI, later in 2916.

Visit author’s website at http://www.jamesgurley.com

Taken from The Write Word, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Feb. & March 2016

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