The Society of Southwestern Authors- February 21 2016 Forum Dan Baldwin

The Society of Southwestern Authors- February 21 2016 Forum Dan Baldwin

I’m Not The Author, I Only Wrote The Book

How Ghostwriting Improves Your Writing Skills and Your Financial Picture

“Ghostwriting is a rewarding experience in itself,” says Dan Baldwin, but he adds, “The effort I put into ghostwriting projects has enhanced my ability to write fiction.”  Short story writers and novelists often have to get into the heads of their characters.  Imagine what you can learn getting into the heads of a real person.  Ghostwriting requires mastery of the same techniques as fiction – plotting, characterization, dialog and so on.  But the constrants of working within an established and real-world story line require intense concentration.  And that’s where the learning (and fun) comes in.

He says, “Ghostwriting can be lucative, too.  My ghostwriting pays for my novel writing so I’ve been able to give up my paper route and the job as a Mall-Mart greeter.  This has the added benefit of keeping me off the streets, so society as a whole benefits from my ghostwriting projects.”

Dan’s program covers the basics of ghostwriting from the perspective of the client and the writer.  He says it is more than a how to lecture; it’s also how to sell it to a client and profit from your efforts presentation.  Topics covered will include a segment on contract essentials.  “The program is based on philosophy of ‘Do as I say not as I have done,’ so it reflects real-world experiences.  I’ll tell you my mistakes so you don’t have to make them and I’ll show you sucessful techniques so you can use them to beef up  your writing and your bank account.”

Dan has ghostwritten or co-authored more than 50 books, including for the ” …for the Dummies”  group, Streetwise Guides, major publishers and self-published authors.  He is also the author of nine novels, a short story collection, and three non-fiction books on psychic detecting.  Contact Dan at and visit his website or

520-546-9382  or

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