by Michael Alvarez

Pima Community College instuctor and long-time Society of Southwestern Authors member has written and published numorous short stories, essays, poems, and articles on writing.  His work has appeared in various publications including THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR and WRITER’S DIGEST.  Several of his short stories have been included in anthologies.  Although Mike usually writs mystery/suspense fiction, he would likee to let folks know that his works also include the following stories.

A HOUSE NAMED HENRY (great for kids of all ages, especially grandkids!) and available as a Kindle Single on Amazon.  Nothing is moe powerful and joyful than a child’s imagination.  A HOUSE NAMED HENRY is not only a house, but also a friend … at least to the youngest member of the household.

When Jenny and Karen Walker’s parent decide to move the family to another city, Karen worries about her friend Henry whom she will leave behind.  He will be left all alone, but maybe Karen can help Henry understand why she is leaving.

And perhaps Henry will help Karen realize the gift of true friendship.

Also, available as an originl Amazon Kindle Single is THE CHRISTMS VISITORS, a heartwarming tale of three childhood friends who learn the true meaning of love and friendship from the town recluse.  “From the award-winning imagintion of Michael M. Alvarez comes a simple, yet evocative story the proves the most powerful force in the universe is the triumph of the human heart.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors December 2015- January 2016

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