Molly McKinney Author- Mystery Anthology & THE CASE OF THE CONFISCATED KWACHA

Molly McKinney Author- Mystery Anthology & THE CASE OF THE CONFISCATED KWACHA

NEW FORMAT:  Starting this month, the Mystery Anthology Bulletin will be published on a quarterly basis instead of monthly, namely: February, May, August, November.  Stories may still be submitted and posted at any time.  Next issue will be November 2015.

CLICK HERE: to read the contributions of fellow Tucson mystery authors.  If you wrote a story for a contest (or not), this website is for YOU to share your talent.  “Real writers dare to share.”—Mrs. Mildew

• FLASH FICTION:  #9 – THE CASE OF THE CONFISCATED KWACHA by Molly McKinney.  Case #4 in the Mrs. Memory Mini-Mysteries series.

• MONTHLY LOTTERY: The lottery is on hiatus this month.  Recent winners: May: LAURA RUSSELL.  June: KATHY McINTOSH.  July: MARILYN DAY.  To win in November, be the first to click on the REWARDS tab and email the Lucky Number to  Winner receives either a $6 COUPON toward a regular meeting of ARIZONA MYSTERY WRITERS or the SOCIETY of SOUTHWESTERN AUTHORS – or – a FREE BOOK by a Tucson author. 

• HOW TO PUBLISH IN THE MYSTERY ANTHOLOGY: Free venue to share your mystery creativity with friends and potential customers.  For details,

• FLASH FICTION:  Up to 1,500 words  • SHORT MYSTERY #29: Up to 7,500 words • NOVELETTE: Up to 17,500 words.  • NOVEL: NO LIMIT – may be published as a SERIAL.

PLEASE NOTE:  Mystery Anthology promotions are NOT sponsored by Arizona Mystery Writers nor the Society of Southwestern Authors, but are offered by an AMW and SSA member (since 2001) as a mutual benefit, which also pertains to the general public.

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Molly Talbot McKinney 

Member: AMW, SSA • Books & Bio • Mystery Authors • Skeleton Tips • Online Yard Sal

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