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PM PRESS- July 2015 New Releases

New Releases/News
July 2015

July News at PM Press
This month we have three exciting new releases, including the latest installments from both the Outspoken Authors series (edited by Terry Bisson) and the PM Pamphlet series.

Kris Hermes’ Crashing the Party explains how the events of the Republican National Convention (RNC) protests in 2000 acted as a testing ground in which Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney was able to develop repressive methods of policing that have been used extensively across the U.S. ever since. It also documents how, in response, dissidents confronted new forms of political repression by pushing legal boundaries and establishing new models of collective resistance.

Bestselling novelist and prize-winning poet Marge Piercy is featured in a new Outspoken Author release with a rare and intimate collection of nonfiction writings. And a short primer from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund explores and describes the philosophy and underpinnings of the community rights movement that has emerged in the United States­.

We have a plethora of great news, reviews, and events. We can’t list everything happening in one email, but click on the relevant images for more info or check it all out HERE.


Crashing the Party: Legacies and Lessons from the RNC 2000
Kris Hermes with a Foreword by Marina Sitrin and Afterword by Heidi Boghosian
Paperback | ISBN: 9781629631028 | $22.95

Over the past fifteen years, people in the United States—-and dissidents in particular—-have witnessed a steady escalation of the National Security State, including invasive surveillance and infiltration, indiscriminate police violence, and unlawful arrests. Normally associated with the realities of a post-9/11 world,Crashing the Party shows how these developments were already being set in motion during the Republican National Convention (RNC) protests in 2000. It also documents how, in response, dissidents confronted new forms of political repression by pushing legal boundaries and establishing new models of collective resistance.

Crashing the Party explains how the events of 2000 acted as a testing ground in which Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney was able to develop repressive methods of policing that have been used extensively across the U.S. ever since. At the same time, these events also provided a laboratory for the radical, innovative, and confrontational forms of legal support carried out by R2K Legal, a defendant-led collective that raised unprecedented amounts of money for legal defense, used a unique form of court solidarity to overcome hundreds of serious charges, and implemented a PR campaign that turned the tide of public opinion in favor of dissidents. By analyzing the successes and failures of these tactics, Crashing the Party offers rare insight into the mechanics and concrete effects of such resistance. In this way, it is an invaluable resource for those seeking to confront today’s renewed counterintelligence tactics.

 Crashing the Party is a must read for every dissident, legal activist, and those opposed to our growing police state. Don’t leave for your next demonstration believing that the cops and courts have all the power. They don’t.”
—-Michael Ratner, President Emeritus, Center for Constitutional Rights

My Life, My Body
Marge Piercy
Paperback | ISBN: 9781629631059 | $12.00
In a candid and intimate new collection of essays, poems, memoirs, reviews, rants, and railleries, Marge Piercy discusses her own development as a working-class feminist, the highs and lows of TV culture, the ego-dances of a writer’s life, the homeless and the housewife, Allen Ginsberg and Marilyn Monroe, feminist utopias (and why she doesn’t live in one), why fiction isn’t physics; and of course, fame, sex, and money, not necessarily in that order. The short essays, poems, and personal memoirs intermingle like shards of glass that shine, reflect—-and cut. Always personal yet always political, Piercy’s work is drawn from a deep well of feminist and political activism.
Also featured is our Outspoken Interview, in which the author lays out her personal rules for living on Cape Cod, finding your poetic voice, and making friends in Cuba.
“Marge Piercy is not just an author, she’s a cultural touchstone. Few writers in modern memory have sustained her passion for creating stories of consequence.”
—-Boston Globe

On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability: The Community Rights Movement in the United States
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund with an Introduction by Thomas Linzey
Pamphlet | ISBN: 9781629631264 | $6.95
Humanity stands at the brink of global environmental and economic collapse. We have pinned our future to an economic system that centralizes power in fewer and fewer hands, and whose benefits increasingly flow to smaller and smaller numbers of people. Our system of government is similarly medieval—-relying on a 1780s constitutional form of government written to guarantee the exploitation of the natural environment and elevate “the endless production of more” over the rights of people, nature, and their communities.

But right now, people within the community rights movement aren’t waiting for power brokers to fix the system. They’re beginning to envision a new sustainability constitution by adopting new laws at the local level that are forcing those ideas upward into the state and national ones. In doing so, they are directly challenging the basic operating system of this country—-one which currently elevates corporate “rights” above the rights of people, nature, and their communities—-and changing it into one which recognizes a right to local, community self-government that cannot be overridden by corporations, or by governments wielded by corporate interests.
This short primer from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund explores and describes the philosophy and underpinnings of the community rights movement that has emerged in the United States­—-a movement of nonviolent civil disobedience based on municipal lawmaking.

PM Combo Packs! 
For frugal PM shoppers, we’ve teamed up some of our bestselling items in discounted “Combo Packs” of like-minded books, CDs, and DVDs. You can choose from a wide range of groovy Combos that save up to 50% on the list price, including the Autonomous Art Combo, the Outspoken Authors Combo, the Big Noise Dispatches DVD Combo and more.

See the Combo Packs HERE.

PbPcropped Paperback Plus! e-Book Bundles Now Available

Our print books now come with a free downloadable e-Book edition. When you purchase the hardcopy book online from PM Press, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the e-Book. For technophiles, paper savers, and those without much shelf space, PM releases are also available separately as instantly downloadable e-Books. We are adding new PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files daily to work with all e-Book readers and personal computers. Read about our e-Books and file formats HERE and see the latest releases HERE.

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2014-15 catalog
PM Press Catalog
We have a new PM Press complete catalog! So take a look, and start working on your wish lists now. Full color, 104 pages, viewable and downloadable online or request a free print copy HERE for yourself, or multiple copies to distribute at your workplace, bookstore, school, or gigs.

To view upcoming releases, including Spring and Fall 2015, please visit the  “Upcoming” section of our webstore HERE.

Recent News/Reviews 
Derrick Weston Brown’s Devastating Poetic Response to Charleston

Article by Sameer Rao for Colorlines

Sometimes, in the immediate aftermath of a brutal tragedy like the massacre of nine black civilians in Charleston by an avowed white supremacist, artists don’t have the luxury of waiting for the blunt force of their creativity to go through publishers, managers, or anybody else. Instead, they take to the mediums most closely available—-social media.
Read the full article HERE.
Sisters of the Revolution in Booklist
Review by Vanessa Bush
Highlighting changes in speculative writing and in feminism since the 1970s, award-winning literary couple Ann and Jeff VanderMeer offer a collection of sf, fantasy, and horror writing from 29 women writers, both famous and newcomers…. This fascinating collection illustrates how writing trends from new-wave sf and feminist speculative fiction reflect changes in culture and in perspectives on women and feminism. It also provides a valuable primer on women writers in the sf, fantasy, and horror genres.

Read the full review HERE.
Speaking OUT in Metro Philly
Article by  Ernest Owens
A local photographer who has specialized in portraits of LGBT youths for more than a decade was reunited with several of her subjects during a talk about her recently published collection at the Free Library. “I just wanted to create a book that was for us, by us,” Philly photographer Rachelle Lee Smith told attendees Monday night during the talk for Speaking OUT at the Independence Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Read the full article HERE.
Playing as if the World Mattered in New York Journal of Books
Review by Russell P. Gantos Jr.
Gabriel Kuhn’s book is a thoughtful and easy to digest compilation of one-page commentaries with supporting full-color images, tracking examples of political activism within sports. Covering a period of more than 120 years, Kuhn begins with the advent of sports clubs and sports associations in Europe in the 1890s and carries it through the Civil Rights movement to today’s period of mega-professional sports teams and world-wide sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympic games.
Read the full review HERE.
Until the Rulers Obey in Z Magazine
Review by Staughton Lynd
Until the Rulers Obey cannot be understood without recognizing this dialogic or dialectical context of Latin American leftism. It is as if Barack Obama, besides having once been a community organizer, had throughout his presidency been obliged to encounter grassroots organizations of varying character and strength but all intent on reminding the president what he had advocated before his election.
Read the full review HERE.
Excerpt from Resistance Behind Bars on Truthout
In Resistance Behind Bars, regular Truthout contributor Victoria Law provides much-needed documentation of collective organizing and the daily struggles inside women’s prisons. This second edition includes powerful new sections examining the challenges facing trans, intersex and gender-variant people in prison as well as their acts of resistance. From friendships to support groups to activist campaigns, women in prison band together in many creative ways to confront the system that aims to divide and isolate them. This excerpt from Resistance Behind Bars delves into some of the community building that happens within prisons.

Read the excerpt HERE.
Solidarity Unionism on CounterPunch
Review by Pete Dolack
New types of workplace organizations are not only necessary, it is essential to look at past upsurges in union activity, particularly those of the 1930s, with clear eyes rather than romanticization, argues Staughton Lynd inSolidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below. A new re-issue and updating of a classic work, the book has lost none of its timeliness. Critical to understanding how unions lost their way, becoming too cozy with the corporate managements they are supposed to challenge, is the stifling of rank-and-file activity, particularly of militant tactics, by Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) unions in the 1930s.
Read the full review HERE.
Oscar López Rivera on Democracy Now!
Thousands of people gathered in New York City last month for a march calling on President Obama to release a longtime Puerto Rican independence activist from prison. Oscar López Rivera was convicted in 1981 on federal charges, including seditious conspiracy—-conspiring to oppose U.S. authority over Puerto Rico by force. 2015 marks López’s 34th year behind bars. He is scheduled for release in 2027. We discuss López’s case with Congressmember Nydia Velázquez, Democrat for New York and the first Puerto Rican woman to be elected to Congress.
Watch the full episode HERE.
 PM Recommends
Paying the Price of Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson
It has taken three years and the filmmakers are in their final production stages for the documentary film, Paying the Price for Peace. We need your support to finish the film and spread the word to stop U.S. military aggression worldwide! The film follows the story of S. Brian Willson (author of Blood on the Tracks), a Vietnam veteran and trained lawyer, whose wartime experiences transformed him into a revolutionary non-violent pacifist.

See the online fundraiser HERE.

Support the Abolitionist Law Center
People’s movements need people’s lawyers. Founded in 2013, Abolitionist Law Center is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to radical social transformation and the abolition of mass incarceration. We represent prisoners and movement organizations in court against human rights violations committed by the government, and we help organize educational programs and human rights campaigns in the community.

See the online fundraiser HERE.

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