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Michael Kardos Author- BEFORE HE FINDS HER


by Michael Kardos

Everyone in the quiet Jersey Shore town of Silver Bay knows the story: on a Sunday evening in September 1991, Ramsey Miller threw a blowout block party, then murdered his beautiful wife and three-year-old daughter.

But everyone is wrong. The daughter got away . . .

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by T. L. Smith

an Intersteller Alliance Novella

You can’t tell a secret if you can’t remember it, but for Shara Batista her secret life draws her husband and best friend to a strange new world, where they are forced to protect their alien friends from the worst humans have to offer.


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PM Press- June 2015 Author Events & Art Book Fairs


impact, amplify, and revitalize
the discourse and actions of radical authors, filmmakers, and artists

This month, PM Press and our authors will bring the noise to book fairs, activist gatherings, bookstores, and conferences throughout the U.S. and beyond. Clockwise up top is Gabriel San Roman, a new Friend of PM, Steve Early with Immanuel Ness, Rachelle Lee Smith, scott crow, and Selma James. Click HERE to check out all their books! We can’t fit everything in one email, so click HERE for the full schedule.
June Author Events

Mark Andersen of Positive Force DC and We Are Family at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI from June 19th to 21st. Mark will be screening Positive Force: More Than a Witness: 30 Years of Punk Politics in Action on Friday, June 19th at 2pm and leading a workshop titled Green Hair, Grey Hair: Bridging Race, Class, and Age on Saturday on June 20th at 2pmDavid Hartsough, author of Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist, at the Unitarian Church in Bayside, CA on June 19th

Randal Doane, author of Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History of The Clash, at 1234 Go! Records in Oakland, CA on June 20th, co-sponsored by Maximum RocknrollVictoria Law, author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women and also coeditor of Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice Movements and Communities, at the annual WAM!NYC Women in Media Conference in New York, NY on June 20th

Rachelle Lee Smith, author and photographer ofSpeaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus, on a Bay Area Book Tour from June 24th to 29th

  • Laurel Bookstore in Oakland on June 24th
  • HRC Store in San Francisco on June 25th
  • Reach and Teach in San Mateo on June 26th
  • San Francisco Pride on June 27th and 28th
  • Larkin Street Youth Center’s Queer Youth Space at Pride on June 27th at 1pm
  • American Library Association on June 29th
  • Green Arcade in San Francisco on June 29th
  • And in Philadelphia, PA at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of LGBT Civil Rights Movement on July 5th and the Philadelphia Public Library on July 6th

For the full Bay Area Book Tour, please go HERE


Chris Crass, author of Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy leading workshops and presentations at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly 2015 from June 24th to 28th in Portland, OR


Kris Hermes, author of Crashing the Party: Legacies and Lessons from the RNC 2000, Selma James, author of Sex, Race, and Class-The Perspective of Winning: A Selection of Writings 1952-2011, and more speaking and presenting at the U.S. Social Forum in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA from June 24th to 28th


Wess Harris, editor of When Miners March, at the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair in Ripley, WV from July 2nd to 4th


World Society, Planetary Natures: Crisis and Sustainability in the Capitalocene and Beyondconference at Binghamton University from July 10th to 11th with Sasha Lilley, editor of Capital and Its Discontents: Conversations with Radical Thinkers in a Time of Tumult, Raymond Craib, coeditor of No Gods, No Masters, No Peripheries: Global Anarchisms, and Eddie Yuen, coauthor ofCatastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth, and more

For the event details and full schedule, please go HERE
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Exhibiting in June
Detroit, MI – Richmond, CA – Philadelphia, PA – San Jose, CA – Kansas City, MO & more!
Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI from June 18th to 21st
KPFA Summer Arts Fair in Richmond, CA on June 20th and 21st

The U.S. Social Forum in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA from June 24th to 28th

Plug Project Bookfair in Kansas City, MO on June 26th and 27th

San Francisco Pride in San Francisco, CA on June 27th and 28th

World Society, Planetary Natures: Crisis and Sustainability in the Capitalocene and Beyond at Binghamton University on July 10th and 11th

For the full schedule and more information, please go HERE
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