by Robert Michael Hambach


Would you sacrifice your love to make all of your other dreams come true?

A question Aleksandra Prince is forced to answer when she is offered her very own interior decorating studio in Manhattan in exchange for her hand in marriage. Motivated by her lifelong passion for design she accepts Spencer’s proposal despite her reluctance to join a family who despises her.

As chief designer she employs her eccentric gay best friend Chase where they struggle and triumph within Manhattan’s competitive interior decorating industry. Aleksandra questions her wilting love for her fiancé when she becomes the ultimate desire of her handsome delivery man Jake who moonlights as a club promoter and DJ. When their romance blooms under chance circumstances she lusts for an escape from her fiancé and the privileges his family’s wealth allows. However, what she thought was the biggest break of her life has now become a deadly obstacle ridding her from complete happiness.

Love triangles, masquerade balls, paparazzi infested red carpet runways, shootings, lawsuits, insidious in-laws, sexual intensity and angst, dreams and devastation all fuel the wildest first month of this young designers career.


Available at Barnes and Noble,, Black Rose Writing, Kindle & Nook

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