Henrik Ibsen- Use of Brainpan

Use of Brainpan

by Henrik Ibsen in PEER GYNT

Peer to Anitra, daughter of a Bedouin chief

“Just leave me alone for that;- I shall look after your education.  No soul?  Why, truly you’re not over bright, as the saying goes.  I’ve observed it with pain.  But pooh! for a soul you can always find room.  Come here! let me measure you BRAINPAN, child.  There is room, there is room, I was sure there was.  It’s true you never will penetrate very deep; to a large soul you’ll scearely attain’- but never you mind; it won’t matter a bit;- you’ll have plenty to carry you through with credit.” Act IV   Scene Scene IV

And then in the last act of PEER GYNT, Ibsen, while having Peer describe “gold-digging in San Francisco, has Peer say, “I was told, kept on making verses while his BRAIN-PAN was having a hole bored right through it.”

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