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by Robin Anderson

ISBN: 978-0-9828585-4-7

Isn’t it time to redefine your life on your own terms?  What if you could feel more empowered and less at the mercy of circumstances?  Author Robin Anderson teaches us how to build self-awareness, say good-bye to self-limiting beliefs, redefine what we really want in life and develop tools to keep us moving toward our most audacious and wildly fulfilling lives.

A take-charge approach to redefining your life – on your terms!

“Engaging, conversational style … a safe environment along with tools for self-discovery … positive, sensible, and truly helpful.”- Claudia Limbert, President Emerita, Mississippi University for Women

“Contagious magic: a beautifully encouraging journey of self-empowerment.”- Jill Badonsky, Author or THE MUSE IS IN; Founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching

“Simple and effective model for making changes in your life – change that moves you, at the pace you”- Linda Gottschaulk, Senior Director of Global Management, Research in Motion

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Jackie Sereno Author- BREAKING GROUND


by Jackie Sereno

Deception!  Intrique!  Murder!

When Carl Overlord’s Development Corp. seeks to bring casino gaming to a northern Wisconsin Indian reservation, Native American Richard Circling Eagle confronts corruption and murder to prevent the desecration of sacred sites, the destruction of natural resources and the influence of the mob in tribal government. While a campaign of harassment and violence erupts against Richard and the other activists, Carl’s pampered mistress and public relations representative Jessica Summerfield discovers a shameful secret in Carl’s past. She is then faced with a dilemma: confront him at the risk of losing all the perks of her position or remain complicit at the cost of dire repercussions for others

Now available on Amazon and Kindle

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M. J. Daspit Author- LUCY LIED


by M. J. Daspit

In Monterey, California of the late 1870’s religious tent camp meetings are held cheek by jowl with lynchings.  At this intersection of the rightous and the profane, a triangle evolves linking Doctor Jason Garrett, would-be healer accustomed to putting the truth through a contortion or two, the mute Lucy Strang, and gunman Matt Clancy, eviction agent who forces settlers off railroad land yet stalwartly defends Chinese immigrants.

Under suspicion for the murder of her brutish comman-law husband, Lucy is saved from the noose when Garrett falsifies medical testimony at trial.  He plans to marry the maligned redhead and cure her muteness.  But it’s whispered that Lucy has been dallying with the reviled Clancy.  The fabric of love begins to fray.

Fireship Press


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by C. Michael Bennis

“A love story about two dangerous assassins from different parts of the world.  The descriptions are wonderful, and the story is exciting and fun to read.”  5.0 our of 5 stars

Ziv Ydin is Mossad’s foremost assassin who will one day return to Tel Aviv and marry her childhood sweetheart.  Then she meets the Argentinian, Julio Navarro, who stimulate her desires and overpowers her forewarnings of impending danger.  Already it is too late when she sees him protect her by killing two dangerous assailants in two seconds.

Julio Navarro’s dossier is so highly classified that to know her identity is tantamount to instant death.  Nevertheless, Julio is smitten with Ziv, whose combat talents rival his own, and he forgets there is no place for love in his dangerous life.  Julio knows he should avoid the Israeli, but similar to Ziv it was already too late to put out the flames in his heart.

Julio and Ziv are unprepared when Julio’s former love resurfaces to plead for Julio to save her from immanent death in Culiacan.  Unable to refuse, Julio travels to save a woman he no longer loves, Ziv soon follows to rescue the man she can no longer live without.  Buth Julio and ziv are in immediate danger …  It is 2007, and Cullacan is most dangerous place on the planet.

ISBN: 1484980646

ISBN: 13:9781484980644

Print Price  $17.25

Kindle Purchase  $8.97

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Susan Vreeland Author- LISETTE’S LIST

Hard Back Cover for Lisette's List a new novel by Susan Vreeland

Open the cover and enjoy “the sun-dappled, fruit scented Provençal landscape.”

Cameo appearances by Marc and Bella Chagall, indirect recollections of Cézanne and Pissarro, and a drole conversation between their wives fleshes out the art connection, while World War II, the Nazi Occupation, the mystery of the hidden paintings, and Lisette’s complex relationships with men are kept solidly in view.

The Reader’s Guide includes provocative discussion questions. I’m happy to do phone chats with book clubs. Email Susan Vreeland directly, susan@svreeland.comto set up a date. Please enjoy the many photos of Provence and the paintings featured in the book at and subsequent website pages.

You’ve already read it? Wonderful. Consider giving a paperback version to a friend, and check out “How to Support the Books You Love,”

Devotely Susan

P.O. Box 22523, San Diego, 92192-2523, United States

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by Clayton Coburn & Sharon Gill

“Tooo Much Fun” LLC

Clayton Dorn Coburn

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas , Clayton currently lives in New Mexico.

She wrote her first book HAD TO TAKE A BREAK, bicycling misadventures in 2010. The success of the book resulted in numerous speaking engagements and participation in book festivals throughout the country. The book is now in its second printing. The sequel Had To take Another Break , More Bicycling Misadventures was released in summer of 2013.

Sharon Dorn Gill

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Sharon currently lives in New Mexico. She graduated from the University of Texas. As a commission artist, her works are found throughout the country.

Sharon illustrated both HAD TO TAKE A BREAK, bicycling misadventures and HAD TO TAKE ANOTHER BREAK, more bicycling misadventures.

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Aaron Michael Ritchey Author- LONG LIVE THE SUICIDE KING


by Aaron Michael Ritchey

Young Adult – General
226 Pages
Readers’ Favorite: BookReviews and Award Contest 2/2
happened to his grandfather —

JD decides he will either commit suicide or instigate an event so
that someone will do the deed for him.

Book Review
Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers’ Favorite
I just completed one of the most engaging reads of recent months:
Long Live the Suicide King by Aaron MichaelRitchey. It opens with
17-year-old JD, who is troubled by an event that transpired just days
prior while with his friends and under the influence of drugs. JD
decides to leave behind those friends and to go straight. But then, not
wanting to face the difficulties of life or the knowledge that death will
come to him one day anyway — and probably after a prolonged and painful disease as …

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