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AtticRep – From the Mahabharata – The Great Dance-Off

 AtticRep – From the Mahabharata – The Great Dance-Off

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Kore Press- 2015 First Book Award For Poetry Deadline Extended to May 30, 2015 & Dressed in Sibilant Sentences & Rhymes

Kore Press- 2015 First Book Award For Poetry Deadline Estended to May 30, 2015

2015 First Book Award for Poetry
 Deadline extended to May 30th

kore press / standing by women’s words since 1993


“I was entrusted with carrying voices, songs, and stories to grow and release into the world, to

be of assistance and inspiration,” Joy Harjo from Crazy Brave.  


Kore Press Points
May Biters / Airea D. Matthews
First Book deadline extended to May 30

 Kore Biters is a monthly interview series that highlights the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive and transformative

May | Dressed in Sibilant Sentences & Rhymes
an interview with Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa


Tsering Wangmo Dhompa: “It is 8:31am now. The sense of the simultaneity of everything that has passed in this minute is ordered into the sense of a sentence. There is a sequence to the sounds. There is order. But that is not how I experience these sounds and sensations. I am aware of this incommensurability everyday. The language I use has a structure that indicates or builds on the independence of things whereas everything is interlocked and interdependent.

A wrangling implies a quarrel, a tussle where one thing battles with the other. I want to suggest instead, that we think of ways of listening, of opening wider and wider so that there’s always room for something else to exist, or to co-exist.


I have lived without my mother for twenty years. But every day, I take some time to close my eyes. I recall her face, I hear her voice. I bring her voice, and her image to the forefront for just a few minutes. It’s a way of listening.” [excerpt]


2015 First Book Award for Poetry
 Deadline extended to May 30th
4 more days to participate!
Tracie Morris is judging
Since the new April 30th deadline is a shift from our usual July deadline, we wanted to remove a barrier to give poets more opportunity to get their work in and the new date onto their calendar.

 So, if you haven’t gotten word on social media, lady poets,
you have 4 more days
to submit your manuscript to Kore’s 2015 First Book Award contest!

A prize of $1500 + publication + 20 copies of the book

Previous judges:

Joy Harjo, Nikky Finney, Bhanu Kapil, Claudia Rankine,
Patricia Smith, Sonia Sanchez, Marilyn Chin, Harryette Mullen,
Carolyn Forché, Jane Miller
Previous winners:
Monica Ong, Jen McClanaghan, Michelle Chan Brown, Laura Newbern,
Heather Cousins, Holly Iglesias, Spring Ulmer, Sandra Lim, Elline Lipkin, Deborah Fries, Jennifer Barber
KUDOS 2014 Open Submissions editorial team!

 Deep gratitude goes to the following writers who dedicated time away from their own practice to pay it forward by reading and reviewing work by other women writers. Kore Press bowsdown to each and every one of you amazing stars.

Amy Ash

Andi Werblin

Ann Dernier

Barbara Allen

Carolyn Hembree

Charlotte Porter

Ching-In Chen

Dawn Lonsinger

Donika Ross

Ela Harrison

Elizabeth McNeil

Heather Nagami

Jill Leininger

Joni Wallace
Kristen Eliason

Laura Newbern

Lisa Levine

Lynne Potts

Maitri Mehta

Meg Day

Mel Madden

Mia Malhotra

Michelle Chan Brown

Rebecca Seiferle

S.marie Clay

Sabrina Dalla Valle

Sarah Sousa

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Stacy Kidd

Adria Bernardi

Alice Ritscherle

Andria Williams

Brenna Fitzgerald

Lela MacNeil

Layli LongSoldier

Patricia Grace King

Brianna Nelson

Carla Barger

Charlie Buck

Elka Weber

Megan Coe

Melanie Madden

Melissa Buckheit

Raha Namy

Patricia King

Kendra Mullison

Sara Henning

Soma Mei Sheng Frazier

Stefanie Wortman

Tiffany Luckey

Lajla Cline

Laura Miller

Mary Byrne

Kore Press | kore@korepress.org | tucson | AZ | 85701

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