Dan Baldwin Author- CALDERA III – A MAN OF BLOOD


by Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin’s Western series is brought to life again in CALDERA III – A MAN OF BLOOD.   His lead character, Caldera, continues his quest to find a determine the meaning of family within the violent times at the end of the Apache wars.  His quest is hampered by the arrival of a previously unknown half-brother, a Harvard educated tenderfoot with plans for a takeover of his (and Caldera’s) father’s enormous bueiness empire in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  While his half-brother ruthlesly caries out a business plan, Caldera faces life and death choice in a war between mining communities, as a “regulator” hired to hunt down the most dangerous renegade Apache in the West, and as a man who must at diffeent times face down two unforgettable women: Honeybee and Fanny Blue.  Tiring of violence and bloodshed, Caldera leaves the country and setles in for a peaceful life in Cuba – 1898.  Once again, he becomes a fighting man, acting as a scout for the Rough Riders where he finds battle, betrayal and, perhaps, the love of a beautiful Cuban freedom fighter.

CALDERA III – A MAN OF BLOOD is available in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon.com.

Dan was interviewed by Lupita Murillo of KVOA-Tucson about his involvement in the Isabel Celis missing person case and his FIND ME goup of psychic detectives, who were asked to investigate.  His as-told-to book, FIND ME, was featured prominently in the story.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsleter of The Society of Southwesstern Authors  Feb-March 2015

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