Robert Richter Author- SOMETHING LIKE A DREAM


by Robert Richter

From Oak Tree Press

Known to his cantina buddies as “Algo,” or Something in Spanish, Cotton Waters scroungers a lazy fishing village life out of the Puerto Vallarta tourist trade as a priavte hustlier of a Mexican Riviera lost-and-found- helping some people get lost and finding others – if the price is right or the client’s cause is worth the time and interest.  In the summer of ’82 the worthy cause is Corina Springfield, searching for her husband, heir to the Springfield Foundation, missing and presumed dead for over three years.

In his search for a missing anthropologist, Cotton Waters finds himself in the center of tribal dissension in the sierra heart of Mexico’s Huichol territory.  On this strange pilgramage Waters will find a whole new persepective on reality and dream, on deceit and self-deception, and on human spirituality in a miraculous healing cermony that will change his life forever or simply end it.

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Kindle and soft cover editions

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