Judith Starkston Author- HAND OF FIRE


by Judith Starkston

“Suspenseful, tragic, susprising, and sexy.”- Nancy Bilyeau author of THE CHALICE


“What is the difference between a good historical novel and a brillant one?  I suggest you read Judith Starkston’s HAND OF FIRE and you’ll discover the answer.”- Helen Hollick, Editor, HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW

http://www.Judith Starkston.com

“In HAND OF FIRE, Starkston’s careful research brings ancient Greece and Troy to life with passion and grace.  This haunting and insightful novel makes you ache for a mortal woman, Briseis, in love with half-god Achilles, as she fights to make her own distiny in a world of capricious gods and warriors.  I devoured this page-turning escape from the modern world.”- Rebecca Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author of the Hannah, Vlogel, and Order of the Sanguines series

Briseis  Heroine of the Trojan War   In the midst of destruction she has the strength to heal herself and others as she asserts the power of life in the face of tragedy

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“Absolutely loved the book.  Couldn’t put it down.  Wonderful writing.  I see no errors whatsoever as regards to the history.”- Prof Eric Cline, Chair of Classical & Near Eastern Languages, George Washington University

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