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Trinity University Theatre- THREE SISTERS Opens Next Week April 17-19 & 22-25, 2015

Trinity University Theatre- THREE SISTERS Opens Next Week 

April 17-19 &
 22-25, 2015

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Jerry D Simmons Former New York Publishing Executive- Book Promotions

J Former New York Publishing Executive- Book Promotions

Book Promotions

BOOK PROMOTIONS are the best and most cost effective method of book marketing. We promote books using the brief marketing message (blurb) exclusively! Our promotions reach a larger audience over a sustained period of time than any other marketing tool. We offer an opportunity to promote books across a wide network of branded locations that reach thousands of unique visitors. Check the link for detailed information. http://www.WritersReaders.com

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A Crime Drama

Big Muddy

Jefferson Moneo
Canada, 2014, 104 min.


In an outlaw tale played out as a modern day murder ballad, Martha Barlow must come to terms with her dark past after her teenage son commits a horrible crime. On the run to survive, she must dodge her sociopathic former flame and attempt to reconcile with her son’s dangerous and long forgotten father in order to protect her estranged family.
Filmmaker in attendance. $8.00 admission

Friday, April 10 – 7:00 p.m.

A Family Drama

Girl on the Edge 

Jay Silverman, USA, 2014, 105 min.


Based on a true story, this drama follows the life of a young girl struggling with the aftermath of a traumatic event. Her behaviors turn destructive, causing her family to suffer. She is sent to find health and empowerment at The Maheo Academy, a residential treatment center that specializes in unconventional techniques such as equine therapy and social horticultural therapy.


Filmmaker in attendance. $8.00 admission


Saturday, April 11 – 7:00 p.m.

A Mystery Drama

Sunny in the Dark

Courtney Ware, USA, 2015, 93 min.


A reclusive family therapist craving solitude moves into a new downtown loft and discovers that he is not the only person living in the space. Sunny, a homeless person living in the crawlspace above, watches the therapist’s every move in order to survive.


Filmmaker in attendance. $8.00 admission


Sunday, April 12 – 6:00 p.m.

All films play at

The Screening Room

127 East Congress Downtown

on the Modern Streetcar line

Visit filmfestivalarizona.com for more information about the 2015 Arizona International Film Festival. 

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Arizona International Film Festival | The Screening Room | 127 East Congress | Tucson | AZ | 85701

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Xanadu- Sell Your Art in Xanadu Galley’s Art Catalogue

Share and sell your art in Xanadu Gallery’s Art Catalogue. Trouble viewing this? try this
Xanadu Gallery

Sell Your Art in Xanadu Gallery’s Art Catalogue

We recently had a couple from Montana visit the gallery seeking art for their newly built home. They quickly fell in love with a bronze sculpture and a large painting. The couple purchased the sculpture right away, and before they left the gallery, Xanadu Director, Elaine, provided them with a copy of our latest Art Catalogue. Several days later they called back to purchase the large painting they had seen in the gallery and also ordered a $3,000 painting from the Catalogue!

Art Catalogue has become a powerful sales tool that allows our collectors to see work they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see, while allowing artists from around the world to expose their work to our active base of collectors.

We not only share the Catalogue with buyers who are visiting the gallery, we also mail it out to a mix of our best collectors and high-end homes in our area.

We’ve worked very hard to make it easy for artists to participate in the Catalogue. A full page is only $190. You upload a digital image and information about your art, and we take care of all of the design and distribution. You ship the artwork when it sells, and Xanadu only takes a 20% commission on sales made through the Catalogue or our website.

We are currently taking registrations for the January issue of the Catalogue. Registration closes soon, and we are over half sold-out for this issue. If you would like to share your work with our collectors, please register now.

NEW! Artists who show their work in Xanadu Gallery’s Art Catalogue are feautred on the artist page ofXanaduGallery.com

Click here to Register for Ad
Share and sell your art in a full-page ad in Xanadu Gallery’s Art Catalogue.

  • Registering and sending us your art is easy.
  • We send the Catalogue to our best collectors and a select group of high-end homeowners in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley (AZ) area.
  • You may feature 1, 2 or 3 images on your page.
  • Xanadu takes only a 20% commission on sales from the Catalogue and our online gallery.
  • You don’t pay any shipping costs for work we sell through the Catalogue or Website.

Learn More and Register

Full Page Ad only $190

Click here to Register for Ad

Frank Lind | High Summer


Roger Hubbard, Abstract Sculpture
Flame by Michael Ferreira Who Rescued Who? by Lorri Acott

Xanadu Gallery · 7039 E. Main St #101 · Scottsdale, AZ 85251 · USA

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