Kore Press standing by women’s words since 1993 – Notes from the Motherfield & 2015 First Book Award

  • Kore Press standing by women’s words since 1993 –  Notes from the Motherfield & 2015 First Book Award 

      Notes from the Motherfield is a curated interview series f notes and other writings of various shapes and durations by motherwriters

Motherhood as Grand Mal (and
a few other things) 
by Soma Mei Sheng Frazier  2015 First Book Award 

Soma Mei Sheng Frazier & Zoe

“Childless friends often ask me to describe it: Life as a mother. But how?

Once I met my daughter Zoe, I realized I’d known nothing about love before, and that’s an offensive thing to say to someone without kids. It makes you a real asshole. So perhaps–

* Poet’s Answer


Motherhood is intangible: quite the opposite of, say, the craggy new stitches that once bisected my friend’s tongue and the disparate eras in an otherwise seamless life – the easy undoubting years before he learned of the epilepsy, biting himself badly during that first seizure, and all the other years to come. (or) All love is imbued with yearning, but this yearning answers itself completely; all love is selfish, yes, but this love is more selfish than the lover. It will crack you before you can crack it, and even then you’ll thank it on your knees. (or) My life was a hot mess. But the devil handed me a bus pass home from Hades in the delivery room, along with a tall, cool glass of water. (or) It’s something that makes you deeply humble, though others will see you as overly proud, and it’s something that should make you better, too. (or) On second thought, maybe it is like the stitches: long dissolved from his tongue, but to my friend ever present and still tender. . . ”  see the full essay here. 


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