by J. E. Gurley

J. E. Gurley recently had two new novels published: OCCAM’S RAZOR, a science fiction novel through Create Space and KAIJU: DEADFALL, a giant monster novel published through Severed Press.

In OCCAM’S RAZOR, Jazon Lightsinger’s desire to return to Earth may have gotten him into trouble.  Dastoran High Lord Hromhada uses beautiful Amiessa, a sixth-generation clone, to lure Jazon into accepting a mission to seek out a new life form in the Battle Zone,, scene of decades of Alliance-Cha’ aita conflict.  The enemy isn’t the only thing he has to worry about.  Aboard Occam’s Razor, the new interstitial skip drive ship, are three Dastoran Drones eager to protect Amissa and the ship and a Trilock Ambassador eager to end the mission.  The Phyein, the newly evolving inorganic race they seek out, need Amissa badly enough to insist that Lord Hromhada give Jazon control of the mission.  Jazon has to discover why before they all die.

In KIJU: DEADFALL, there is death from space.  The first meteor landed in the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco, causing an earthquake and a tsunami.  The second wiped out a small Indiana city.  The third struck the deserts of Navada.  When gigantic monsters-Ishom, Girra, and Nuska – emerge from the impact craters, the world faces a threat unlike any it had ever known – Kaiju, NASA catastrophist Gate Rutherford, and Special Ops Captain Aiden Walker must find a way to stop the creatures before they destroy every major city in America.

Kindle editions are available at Amazon.com.  For his other book books, visit http://www.jamesgurley.com.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 43.  No. 6  December 2014/ January 2015

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