Pamela Sayers Werner Poet- TIMELESS TRUTH


by Pamela Sayers Werner

Freedom…it’s what we all long for; that weightless feeling of “sky’s the limit” and dropping into bed at the end of the day with a peaceful smile on our face as we drift off to sleep like a content baby.

So how do we break free from the negative things in our lives that keep us in captivity? So often in life we feel trapped, immobilized and ineffective at overcoming that which is keeping us from experiencing a joyful, peaceful, and fulfilled life.

Don’t lose hope! There is a formula for freedom that is available to anyone who desires it.

About Pamela Sayers Werner

Pamela Werner enjoyed growing up surrounded by the cornfields of southern Michigan with her parents and two sisters. Her imagination was quite active from an early age, and she loved creative outlets such as singing, writing, and dreaming up unique ideas. Her family was very involved in Christian radio ministry, and in her high school years they were transferred to Tucson, Arizona. Over the course of the next 30 years, real life occurred.

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