Nooshie Motaref Author- TAPESTRIES OF THE HEART


by Nooshie Motaref

Nooshie Motaref grew up in Iran and Studied in Germany, Switzerland and United States.  She received her master’s and doctorate degree in American Literature and Folklore from Florida State University.  She taught university courses on humanities, literature and critical thinking.  She frequently gives speeches on several subjects related to her birthplace including its culture, traditions and religion.

TRAPESTRIES OF THE HEART portrays four generations of Persian women over a span of one hundred years.  It depicts the effects of religion and politics – ever changing in Iranian society.  This tapestry stands out as a true representation of the cycle of life.  The destinies of these characters are interwoven with many threads and the events and consequences throughout have a major impact on their lives.  Throughout the generations, these women lived, loved and fought for what they believed in.  Though it was a struggle, they battled and endured when odds were almost completely against them.

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