Christopher Patterson Author- SHADOW’S FIRE A Chance Beginning

SHADOW’S FIRE A Chance Beginning

by Chistopher Patterson

Book One of the Shadow’s Fire Trilogy

Often the deeds of those deemed smaller, either in stature or status, go uncounted by chroniclers of history.  Yet, it is these deeds that repeatedly change the course of history.

Erik Eleodum is a simple man.  He doesn’t want to be a hero.  He doesn’t need fame or fortune.  He is content farming his family’s homestead in northern Hathgolthane and raising a simple family, like his father, for the rest of his life.  In fact, adventure is the last thing on his mind.

Befel, Erik’s brother, and Bryon, his cousin, can’t think of anything worse than farming for the rest of their lives.  They want to be heroes.  They want fame and fortune.  They want to leave their familes and go east, to the country of Golgolithul, where they are sure find easy wealth and great adventure.

But when these three young men leave their farmstead, they quickly discover the world is not so simple, not so easy.  Most fortune is laden with treachery, fame must be earned with blood, and adventures are rarely grand.  Ideas of grandeur are crushed and the road east is hard.  To get there, these men must ultimately sell their swords, and become friends with thieves, dwarves, soldiers, and mercenaries well past their prime.  They battle a band of ruthless slavers, slip past assassins, and experience the deadly consequences of black magic.

Will Erik ever be able to return to the simple life?  Will he unwittingly become famous, become rich, become a hero?  Or, will he even survive?

ISBN 13:978-1495473838

Paperback and Kindle

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