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Arlene Weintraub Author- HEAL


by Arlene Weintraub

The vital role of dogs in the search for cancer cures

A profound exploration into the links between human and canine cancer and treatments – fascinating, moving, and expertly written.

Arlene Weintraub is a science journalist and author with 20 years of experience writing about healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Her first book, Selling the Fountain of Youth (Basic Books 2010), is an expose on the anti-aging industry. Her upcoming book, Heal: The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures (ECW Press 2015), will bring to life the world of comparative oncology and the many ways dogs are helping in the war on cancer.

Coming October 2015

Available for preorder now at your favorite bookstore or at ecwpress.com/heal



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Christopher Patterson Author- SHADOW’S FIRE A Chance Beginning

SHADOW’S FIRE A Chance Beginning

by Chistopher Patterson

Book One of the Shadow’s Fire Trilogy

Often the deeds of those deemed smaller, either in stature or status, go uncounted by chroniclers of history.  Yet, it is these deeds that repeatedly change the course of history.

Erik Eleodum is a simple man.  He doesn’t want to be a hero.  He doesn’t need fame or fortune.  He is content farming his family’s homestead in northern Hathgolthane and raising a simple family, like his father, for the rest of his life.  In fact, adventure is the last thing on his mind.

Befel, Erik’s brother, and Bryon, his cousin, can’t think of anything worse than farming for the rest of their lives.  They want to be heroes.  They want fame and fortune.  They want to leave their familes and go east, to the country of Golgolithul, where they are sure find easy wealth and great adventure.

But when these three young men leave their farmstead, they quickly discover the world is not so simple, not so easy.  Most fortune is laden with treachery, fame must be earned with blood, and adventures are rarely grand.  Ideas of grandeur are crushed and the road east is hard.  To get there, these men must ultimately sell their swords, and become friends with thieves, dwarves, soldiers, and mercenaries well past their prime.  They battle a band of ruthless slavers, slip past assassins, and experience the deadly consequences of black magic.

Will Erik ever be able to return to the simple life?  Will he unwittingly become famous, become rich, become a hero?  Or, will he even survive?

ISBN 13:978-1495473838

Paperback and Kindle


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Live Theatre Workshop Tucson- Affordable Theatre Performances Field Trips or in your school!

Live Theatre Workshop Tucson- Affordable Theatre Performances Field Trips or in your school!

Live Performances

Our troupe of actors will travel to your school and perform one of our one hour original musical theatre productions.  These engaging performaes are followed by a question and answer session with the actors, technicians, and your students.

Arts Integration Workshop

A team of Live Theatre Workshop actors and education staff wil develop a one hour arts integration lesson plan based on the state standards your teachers are working on at the time of the production.  Our talented teachers will create a lesson plan that focuses on your curriculum and prepare your students to be actively engaged in the Live Performance of your choice.

Follow Up Lesson Plan

Each production has a prepared lesson plan that will help your teachers explain the process of creating a story for a musical theatre production.  These lessons focus on critical thinking and six-trait writing skills, and are the perfect way to tie in core curriculum with the arts.

Producers Package $500  Arts Integration Workshop + Live Performances + Follow up lesson Plan

Director’s Package $400  Live Performances + Follow Up Lesson Plan

Star’s Package  $325   Live Perfomance

For more information on how to get your school or organization involved contact Amanda Gremel Director of ATT  520-327-0160                              amanda.g@livetheatreworkshop.org

2015-2016 Performance Season


An original adaption by Bebe Fischer   With original music and lyrics by David Ragland  Touring August 11- November 20, 2015

Prince Percy is a typical young, handsome prince but he has a dilemma, he needs to find a wife to become King.  With the help of King Igor, Queen Ambrosia, some wacky court jesters, and of course a magical pea, Prince Percy is bound to find a princess.  Come be part of this fun musical and find out who really is a true princess.


An original story by Richard Gremel  With original music and lyrics by Michael Martinez   Touring January 12- April 22, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy who Cried Wolf, and the Three Little Pigs had it wrong when they accused the wolves of being bad.  And now the wolves have gone on strike until they can tell their side of the story.  See these classic tales retold in a new and comical way.

Live Theatre Workshop

5317 E. Speedway Blvd.   Tucson, Az. 85712      Phone:520-327-060

livetheatreworkshop@gmail.com                  www.livetheatreworkshop.org

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