Rebecca Jean Downey Author- DEVIL EYE


by Rebecca Jean Downey

When the U.S. Marshal wants to stop a sale of firearms to Mexico, he asks Penny Larken to use her remote viewing skills to track down New Mexico gunrunner, Juan Rico.  Penny is sworn to secrecy because the marshal believes a law enforcement officer is involved.  She can’t even tell her boyfriend, El Paso County Sheriff Leo Tellez.

Penny heads off to Columbus, New Mexico alone, and winds up stranded on the Interstate during a dust storm.  She is forced to use her own gun to hold off a gang of men trying to hi-jack her car.  A man winds up dead and New Mexico State Trooper Johnny Trejo, arrest Penny on suspicion of murder.

When Leo comes to rescue Penny from the clutches of the law, he brings Adriana, the beautiful twin sister of Alejandra, Leo’s dead wife.  Penny is desperate to get out of jail to defend her relationship with Leo, but when she is finally free, she must keep her word to the marshal and find Juan Rico, first.

On the trail of Rico, gun trafficers kidnap Penny and drage her across the Mexican border, along with their guns.  This means certain death for Penny is a country where women ofter go missing.  A rescue by the U.S. Marshal or even Sheriff Tellez is unlikey since no one knows where she is.

Will Penny escape the grasp of ruthless gunrunners?  Read the DEVIL EYE and find out.

Tate Publishing And Enterprises, LLC


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