Shari Cohen Author- ALFIE’S BARK MITZVAH


by Shari Cohen – Songs by Cantor Marcelo Gindin

Illustrations by Nadia Komorova

Briming with unconditional love, devotion, and never-ending desire to help others, Alfie is the epitome of all dogs and is a great role model for kids.  it seems he’s been that way since he was a pup.  But today, Alfie is passing from puppyhood to adulthood and, in honor of this most important occasion, Alfie gets to celebrate his Bark Mitzvah with all of his family and friends.  ALFIE’S BARK MITZVAH is beautifully illustrated by Nadia Komorova and, as a bonus, includes a CD of children’s songs created especially for the book by the internationally acclaimed Cantor, Marcelo Gindin.

Educational Children’s Book

ISBN 978-1-58985-055-2


Five Star Publications

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