by Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs’ first mystery, THE BATTERED BUTTERFLY, was recently published and is available on Amazon.com and Barnesand Noble.com.  Reader feedback has been enthusiastic.  Who or what is THE BATTERED BUTTERFLY?  What do you get if you cross Mike Hammer with Ignatius Reilly?  Meet Lefty Markuwitz!  Lefty, an ex-New York cop turned professional gambler, is 280 pounds of misanthropy on the prowl in Manila.  All he wants is to be left alone.  But when a bar girl is murdered Lefty becomes a prime suspect, and everybody is after him.  Pursued by Chinese triads, Japanese Yakuza, a Filipino sparrow squad, a corrupt senator and his bodyguards, an overeager reporter and a psychotic killer before his pursuers find him.  Aided by his girlfriend, Hyacinth Chin, and her protegé, Gadiola Laboong, Lefty explores the places the Bureau of Tourism leaves off its maps.  He’ll look for the killer, but all he really wants to find is a decent slice of pizza.

While Jake lives in Singapore these days, he maintains his membership in the Society of Southwestern Authors, Arizona Mystery Writers, and Mystery Writers of America.  Jake wanted SSA to know: “I wrote the original draft for BUTTERFLY while living in Tucson.”

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors February 2015

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