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January 2015
From the desk of Evelyn K. Lee
President – Global Book Rights / Amer-Asia Books, Inc.

2014 Was A Great Year –  Authors Discover New Markets to Sell Their Books


It was a great year for us at Global Book Rights with the sale of book rights in 14 different countries and languages. We sold book rights to publishers who want physical print books in different languages.  However, we have noticed a growing trend with our authors wanting to directly sell their books in e-Book formats by translating into other languages. Authors creating e-Books in multiple languages have gained traction in 2014 and the trend will most likely continue in 2015. We’ve assisted several authors in translating their books into Spanish, formatting into an e-Book and then selling in the United States.  If you want access to 35 million Spanish readers for your book in the United States please Contact Us for details.


2015 – More Access, Selection & Availability


Selling more books and rights means getting access to new markets.  The world is a big place, but don’t forget the United States!  We can help author and publishers access Spanish readers in the United States with our translators and distributors for retailers like Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Google.  Instantly gain access to millions of new readers.


Interested in a better selection of books?  Take a look at our Available Rights page!  We have over 40 categories to select from our Publishers and award winning Authors.


These Books Sell!


In 2014 our best selling categories were children’s education, novels by bestselling authors and books in series.   These categories are ALWAYS in demand!  Here is a sample selection of what’s selling.Contact Us if we can help.


ABDO Magic Wagon Spring 2014

ABDO Fall 2014 Catalog

Boys Town Press Catalog 2014

Great Potential Press Catalogue 2013-2014

Lorenz Educational Press

Mammoth World Catalogue 2014

Marshall Cavendish International Catalogue (Asia) 2014

Mason Crest Catalog 2013-2014 Comprehensive Catalog

Prufrock Press

The Adventures of Everyday Genius Series

Veronica Lane Books What Is Series

Young Angels International Catalogue 2014

Join Global Book Rights in 2015

Global Book Rights looks for qualified authors, publishers and agents to join our Available Rights page in 2015.  If you are interested in buying or selling foreign book rights, translating your book, or converting books in multiple languages for e-Book sales please Contact Us today!

Best wishes,

Evelyn K. Lee
President – Global Book Rights / Amer-Asia Books, Inc.
3161 Hill Farm Drive
Tucson, AZ  85712  –  USA
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