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Kris Neri Author- DEM BONES’ REVENGE A Tracy Eaton Mystery

DEM BONES’ REVENGE A Tracy Eaton Mystery

by Kris Neri

An Agetha, Anthony and Macavity Awards Nominee

When the cops catch Tracey Eaton’s mom, Hollywood legend Matha Collins, alone with the bloody remains of celebrity litigant Vince Sperry, holding nothing but a lame excuse – Tracy leaps to her defense.  So why does Martha thwart Tracy’s efforts to clear her?

All roads lead to the past, to one Hollywood scandal after another.  If Tracy keeps digging, will she free Martha of suspicion?  Or will she unearth something that’s sure to slam the cell door shut on her exasperating, but beloved mother?

“Kris Neri has written another winner.  Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this sly, smart Hollywood roller coaster, which should appeal to mystery and movie buffs alike.”- NYT Bestselling author Laura Lippman

ISBN 978-0-9799694-4-7

Cherokee KcGhee Mystery

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Personalized Paranormal Romance by Gail Gibbs

Personalized Paranormal Romance by Gail Gibbs

Join the Fun!

You and your Sweetie are the “heart” of the action in the exciting supernatural stories!

Available only at http://www.YourNovel.com

Gail Gibbs- http://www.gailgibbs.com


by Gail Gibbs


by Gail Gibbs

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Carlos Ponce-Melendez Author- PLATICAS DE ME BARRIO


by Carlos Ponce-Melendez

In Spanish.  This collection of imaginatively retold stories based on interviews with elderly Mexican Americans from Texas reflects sentiments and basic values of this culture and highlights the diversity of the Chicano community.  Regionalisms abound in these stores, for which a glossary is included.

120 pp   paper   ISBN978-0-927534-82-6

Blingual Review Press


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