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Haiku Expo Arizona-Inspired Japanese Poetry

Haiku Expo Arizona-Inspired Japanese Poetry

Free online entry

In the spirit of raising awareness of the arts and culture of Japan, we challenge you to write your own Arizona-inspired huiku poem.  This a new event at the Arizona Matsuri, a Festival celebrating Japanese arts, culture, food, music and dance at Heritage and Science Park in downtown Phoenix on February 21-22, 2015.

This event is open to all residents of Arizona and our sister of Himeji, Japan.  A select number of outstanding entries will be displayed online and at the Arizona Matsuri Festival.  Visit us online to learn about haku, entry guidelines, lesson plans, and submit up to 3 original haiku per person free of charge.  Entry Deadline: Feb. 7, 2015.

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The 2015 Arizona Mystery Writers 4th Annual Jim Martin Memorial Story Contest

The 2015 Arizona Mystery Writers 4th Annual Jim Martin Memorial Story Contest

2500 words max.
Blind judging.
Contest rules, entry form and
see past winners on the website:
click on contest link
We are an independent, nonprofit club
supporting mystery writing in Arizona.
Contest is open to all.

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The Society of Southwestern Authors- February 22, 2015 Forum Hosts Archie J. Hoagland How to Make Characters Walk, Talk & Think

The Society of Southwestern Authors- February 22, 2015 Forum Hosts Archie J. Hoagland  How to Make Characters Walk, Talk & Think

Archie is deeply interested in characters. When writing a novel, the author creates
characters who perform for the reader–as actors in plays, motion pictures and
television shows do for their audiences. Actors of stage and film come in all sizes,
Archie J. Hoagland shapes and genders, as do characters in a book.
On a stage or in projected images upon a screen, the actors can be presented
exactly as their creator wishes them to be and gives the audience a huge free gift of
understanding not available to the readers of a novel. The desired image is placed into
their minds because they can see it. Without ever being told, they know a great deal
about the character. Another free gift to the audience is the tone of voice. It instantly
relays happiness, sadness, evil, etcetera. No less important is the freebie of expression.
Fear, horror, delight, sadness, love, hate, understanding, misunderstanding and all
manner of information is gleaned from the simple way the features are set.
Auditory sense is the wonderful ability to hear in your mind the voice and music
accompaniment, which can easily create sadness, happiness, terror or excitement.
That’s the reason why, in the early days of silent movies, the show was always
accompanied by live piano music. You may hear the lonesome moan of a midnight train,the bustling sounds of traffic or the cry of gulls over a windswept ocean beach.

Think of background scenery you see in a movie or TV.  If the scene is outdoors, you instantly know if you are in the mountains, at sea or on a busy city street.  The scene is instantly brought to the audience.

Three highly informative gifts are given to the audience of stage, motion picture and television shows.  They are sight, sound, and existing condition.  They accompany and influence some event or activity.  Sadly these gifts cannot be used by the author of a book.  In a novel, vision, audio, and condition must be produced by words.  It is the expertise of the author that creates a perception in the mind of the reader, of sight, sound, and the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event.

How is that accomplished?  Archie calls it “fleshing out”- think of it as putting flesh on bones.  The human skeleton is not unique, other than size, until the flesh and experience is added – then each of every one of us is unique.

Archie J. Hoagland is proud to have been raised a simple country boy and is proud of his time as combat veteran in the Navy, but he has worn several other hats.  As an author, he’s had two poetrycollections published … THE COLLECTION, a volume of over 500 pages, and a much shorter collection, SARTOR’S POETRY … plus his first crime mystery novel, THE MYSTERY OF SORROWS.  He is a member of The Society of Southwestern Authors and was a two-year facilitator of the Green Valley Writers’ Forum.  Archie is also a retired business owner, a 44-year member of the BPOE (Elks) and a sculptor working in terra cotta.  He is the father of six sons and has fourteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Forums are on 4th Sunday
(Granada & Saint Mary’s) 11 am–2 pm, every third Sunday
Please R.S.V.P. by WEDNESDAY before the Forum
546-9382 or
$25 w/registration–$30 at the door–includes lunch & speaker
(NO CREDIT CARDS–processing fees are too high)

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Feb-March 2015

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Gini Koch Author- ALIEN IN THE HOUSE


by Gini Koch

“Koch is in a class by herself when it comes to delivering short-out-loud humor!” – RT Book Reviews (Top Pick)

Kitty Katt-Martini has hearned the ins and outs of Washington politics, not to mention how to prevail in intergalactic war and foil any variety of dangerous conspiracies.  So when a newly elected Representative is murdered while at the Centaurion Embassy, it’s up to Kitty and rest of the Diplomatic Corps to find out how and why and stop the killer, before the rest of the U.S. House of Representative become casualties, particularly the replacement Representative — Jeff Martini.

(author of TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN, ALIEN TANGO, ALIEN IN THE FAMILY, ALIEN PROLIFERATION, ALIEN DIPLOMACY, and ALIEN VS. ALIEN) is available now from your favorite book seller!  Get Your Copy Today!

Drop Gini a line at

or visit Gini on the web at

for additional details, reviews of all the books in the Alien/Katerine “Kitty” Katt series and much, much more!

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by Sharon Skinner

Pages (Print Edition): 74

Format(s): eBook, Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-13: 978-1456318833

Brick Cave Media

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Tom Crawford Poet Conservationist Presenter- THE NAMES OF BIRDS


by Tom Crawford

“If we want to know what sky is, or home, we have to look up- and don’t we have to put a bird in it?” – Tom Crawford

“Tom Crawford is a great presenter.  His generous readings are an example of the fusion he believes in.  You get beautiful poetry, reflections of science and art, ecology, storytelling and always humor – the full effect.  For Tom it’s a formula that allows us entrance into an embrace with world we were given.  THE NAMES OF BIRDS is nothing less than a tome of blessings.” – Frank Boyden, FOUNDER OF SITKA CENTER FOR ART AND ECOLOGY: Oregon coast

“In Tom’s poetry birds weave theselves powerfully into the fabic of critical moments, so that talking about birds provides a winged way of talking about a broken love, a broken world, an angelic visitation, a harrowing insight.  Tom is wonderfully lyrical and can often zap you with a few daft lines.” – David James Duncan, author of THE RIVER WHY, BROTHERS K, RIVER TEETH, MY LIFE AS TOLD BY WATER.

“Tom Crawford is a brilliant and exhilarating poet.” – Jim Harrison, author of IN SEARCH OF SMALL GODS, LEGENDS OF THE FALL






12 Annual Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua

Sitka Center for Art & Ecology (keynote speaker

Parsons Memorial Lodge, Summer Series, Yosemite National Park

Harborview Medical Center, Seattle

Columbia Gorge Writers Conference, Hood River, Oregon

Wordstock, Portland, Oregon




Author of seven published books

Regular contributor to ORION magazine

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Odyssey Storytelling Presents- LONELY

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