Marge Piercy Author- BRAIDED LIVES


by Marge Piercy

“A delicious bing of a book.  I had a wonder time reading BRAIDED LIVES, crying real tears at the sad parts and feeling real elation at the happy ones.”- San Francisco Chronicle.

Marge Piercy carries her portrait of the American experience back into the Fifties … the closed, repressive time in which forces for the upheavals of the Sixties ticked away underground.  Spanning twenty years, and teeming with vivid characters, BRAIDED LIVES tells the powerful, unsentimental story of two young women coming of age.  In Michigan, and aftereward in New York City, the two women taste love and betrayal, friendship and pain, independence and fear as they reach a deepening understanding that to contrl their lives they must fight.  And though their fates differ as widely as their personalities, both reflect the danger that sex posed a time when abortions were illegal and an afair could destroy a woman’s life, makeing the outcome of a chance encounter or a night of love a matter of life and death.

In her new introduction of this edition, Marge Pierce reflects on both the most authobiographical of her novels, and ongoing battles to ensure the hard-fought victories of the Sixties and Seventies, particularly around sex and reproductive rights.

978-1-60486-442-7  6×7 Paperback  448 Pages  Fiction/Feminism



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