Nasario Garcia Author- BERNALILLO


by Nasario Garcia

Folklorist, oral historian, and linquist Nasario Garcia has assembied a bittersweet anthology of vivid and varied recollections of life and tradition in Bernalillo, New Mexico, between the 1930s and the beginning of the twenty-first century.  It is instructive for all of us to be reminded how recently and how radically hispanic New Mexico, represented here by the the town of Bernalillo, has been transformed, for better or worse.  Nasario Garcia has listendd intently to the old-timers of his native Bernalillo, sharing their words in both English and Spanish for all to understand and appreciate.  The result is his twentieth oral history book, each a true gem for all students of New Mexico history and culture.

250 pages, 39 photographs; 6×9

ISBN 978-1-936744-10-7

LPD Press/Rio Grande Books

925 Salamanca NW, Los Ranchos, New Mexico 87107-5647

505/344-9382   http://www.LPDPress,com

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