by Frankie Robertson

Paranormal Romance

The Celestial Affairs Series

Celestial Beings watch in silence from beyond the Veil … except when they come to Terrestral Real to battle the Fallen, and fall in love with mortal women.

Jared Price is a Celestial, one of a race of being often taken for angels. Exiled on earth, he’s offered a chance to return to the Celestrial Realm. All he has to do is protect Cassie Lewis from a demonic assassin.

A genuine psychic, Cassie can’t resist Jared’s Celestial aura, but she doesn’t trust him. He’s hiding something behind his strong mental barriers and she’s learned the hard way that what you don’t know can hurt you. But when demon tries to kill her, Cassie has no one else to turn to.

Then the stakes are raised even higher, and Jared must decide if Cassie’s love is worth sacrificing a dream he’s on to for 150 years.

“Quick, supple writing … an unusual and gripping tale … and did I mention sexy?”- Melaine Rawn, best-selling author of DIVINER, and SPELLBINDER


by Frankie Robertson

Romantic Fantasy

The Vinianders’ Saga Series

Celia Montrose has been trained to deal with any emergency … except being thrust into another world. Nothing has prepared her for meeting the Viking descendants of the lost Vinland colony, or coping with kidnapping, murder, and magic.

Lord Dahieven is on the brink of war, when he rescues a strange and beautiful woman in the drylands. Though he fears Celia may be Fey-marked, Dahleven can’t resist the powerful attraction he feels for her. But is Celia is league with the enemy, or will she provide the key to saving his people?

Along and off-balance, Celia finds herself fallin for Lord Dahieven. But dangerous forces are at work, and one of them is offering Celia a way home … for a price.

“A great tale of adventure and romance, beautifully imagined and deeply engaging from beginning to end!”- Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of OUTLANDER,AN ECHO IN THE BONE, and the Lord Jhon Grey series.

BETRAYED BY TRUST A Celestrial Affairs Novel

by Frankie Robertson

Paranormal Romance

January, 1979. The Vietnam war is over, the oil embargo and long gas lines a bad memory, and Three Mile Island is a power plant that few have ever heard of.

Marianne Benton works for the Trust, a secretive organization guarding against abuses of parnormal power. Her next assignment: rescue an Elemental Spirit from slavery … by seducing the heir to an occult dynasty.

As a former Green Beret, Dan Collier knows how to follow orders. His assignment, help Marianne sleep with another man. After that: keep her alive.

Falling in love is optional.


Romance, Mystery, and Magic are just aroud the dorner.

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