John Stickler & Soma Han Authors- MAYA AND THE TURTLE: A KOREAN FAIRY TALE


by John Stickler & Soma Han

John Stickler and Soma Han’s MAYA AND THE TURTLE: A KOREAN FAIRY TALE was published by Tuttle in September.

Poverty is all Maya has ever known, but she doesn’t allow it to stop her from caring for her father, and others, as best she can. Kind and gentle, she is a lovely young girl who always puts others first. one day, she finds a little turtle and takes him home, raising and loving him, never knowing that he will play an instrumental part in her destiny.

Similar to THE KOREAN CINDERELLA, MAYA AND THE TURTLE, is an original Korean fairy tale by authors John Stickler and Soma Han that teaches children that the road to greatness lies in selflessness and that the loving kindness of a pure heart can be awaken great love and power in another. Beautifully illustrated by Han, this book contains fascinating bits of information about Korean culture and is a poignant tale about the rewards of kindness, patience and courage.

The Morning Calm Medal Committee in Soul, South Korea, recently announced that MAYA AND THE TURTLE: A KOREAN FAIRY TALE has won the 2013-2014 Morning Calm Medal in the upper elementary category.

The prestigious Medal, now in its second year, is an annual award given to deserving authors from around the world. Each year, international school librarians from across South Korea nominate a range of English language books for the Morning Calm Medal. Students then read these books, share their thoughts and comments online and their schools, and then vote for their favorite books. Once all of the student votes are counted, a Morning Calm Medal is awarded to the winning authors in each of the four categories (lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school).

In its award letter the commitee thanked John and Soma for “the contributions that you have made to children’s literature and to enhance children’s reading enjoyment.” Maya’s book trailer may be found at:

Additionally, John and Soma’s previous picture book,LAND OF MORNING CALM: KOREAN CULTURE THEN AND NOW (Shen’s Books, 2003) recipient of an Honor Award from Skipping Stones Magazine, was reissued this summer in a paperback edition Lee & Low Books.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors October- November 2014

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