Kore Press-Fall News: Kore Biters, The Motherfield & Dreamteam

Kore Press-Fall News: Kore Biters, The Motherfield & Dreamteam

kore press / standing by women’s words since 1993

“I was entrusted with carrying voices, songs, and stories to grow and release into the world, to
be of assistance and inspiration,” Joy Harjo from Crazy Brave.

Kore Press Points
Welcome New Writers, Columns, & Editors
October 2014

Kore Biters is a new, monthly interview series that highlights the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive and transformative
by Arisa White & Rosebud Ben-Oni

October / Bitches’ Brew
with Erika L. Sánchez

Author Erika L. Sánchez wears many hats: poet, journalist, activist,
Cosmopolitan for Latinas sexpert. In both her creative and journalist work, she’s written extensively on issues affecting women today such as reproductive rights, LGBT youth, migrant workers, and Latino politicians. Rosebud had the good fortune of meeting Erika in Austin, Texas, where they both attended the 2013 CantoMundo retreat. In selecting our inaugural poet for the KORE BITERS feature, Erika was the perfect choice.

What was your last bite? Torta de mole. It was delicious!

You wear a lot of different hats: poet, journalist, sex columnist, burgeoning novelist. How do you juggle these passions?
I’m also working full-time as a strategist focused on sexual and reproductive rights. I think I’m going to develop a hunch back and carpal tunnel. I’m exhausted and my anxiety is through the roof. I’ll have to start holding up my eyelids with toothpicks pretty soon. I’m always working, and when I’m not, I’m thinking and dreaming about it. I’m super Mexican like that. I’m terrible at balance, so I hope things get a little easier in the next coming months. Pray for me, please! READ MORE HERE.

Notes from the Motherfield
a new Kore column of fieldnotes and other writings of various
shapes and durations by motherwriters, as they can, when they can.

October / Invisible Labors

Toward a Theory & Praxis of Sustainable Feminism
by Monica Casper

I am a working mom. I need only utter these two words in certain circles to get heads bobbing in enthusiastic agreement. Other working moms know exactly what I mean when I mention, even offhandedly, lack of sleep, inability to concentrate, missed deadlines, disappointed children, infrequent sex, chronic fatigue, recurrent colds, body aches, irritability, acute financial worries, and the persistent sensation of being pulled like taffy in multiple, often competing directions. SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Growing Dream Team
We have been building an amazing team of volunteer writer-editors, editorial assistants, advisors, Board, and manuscript reviewers at Kore Press, not to mention a mighty, super dedicated little staff. We are pleased to formally announce and appreciate our growing publishing
team here.

In gratitude & recognition

Ann Dernier, Patricia Grace King,
Layli LongSoldier, Heather Nagami, Trace Peterson

Kore Biters columnists:
Arisa White & Rosebud Ben-Oni

Joy Harjo, Jacquelyn Jackson, Leslie Shipman,
Lori Bable

Board Members:
Victoria Chang, Margie Puerta Edson, Khadijah Queen,
Sandra Bong Um-Pinkney

Lisa Bowden, Mel Madden, Maitri Mehta, Maria Moreno,
Therese Perreault


Kore Press | kore@korepress.org | tucson | AZ | 85701


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