Josh Bazell Author- WILD THING

by Josh Bazell

Rave Review from Mysterious Galaxy

Outrageous! So outrageous that you will find yourself shaking your head in disbelief as the story unfolds. Josh Bazell’s first thriller BEAT THE REAPER is one of my favorites, and I thought that book was funny and wild.

We are re-introduced to Dr. Peter Brown in this book. Peter Brown – AKA Pietro Brnwa, former assassin for the mob – is a witness protection as an internist in BEAT THE REAPER. When his cover is blown by a patient and former mob associate, he runs for his life. WILD THING picks up the story as Dr. Peter Brown (now Lionel Azimuth) considers an offer that would take away the monotony of his current position as a junior cruise ship doctor (the job he ran to when his cover was blown). A reclusive billionaire is offering an absurd amount of money for Peter/Lionel to accompany, and protect if needed, a paleontologist on a quest to find a lake monster in a lake located deep in the Minnesota woods. Yes – you read correctly – a lake monster! The fact that the paleontologist is an attractive female doesn’t hurt!

The opening chapter of the book convinces the reader that something happened in the lake to cause unusual deaths, but a lake monster … ? Read the book and find out! – LDB

Mysterious Galaxy

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