Richard Coan Author- LOST IN ANOTHER WORLD

by Richard Coan

Richard Coan’s latest book, LOST IN ANOTHER WORLD, is a dream fantasy in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis. It will appeal to children from 9 to 95. Actually is is suitable for children 9 to 12, but any adult who remains in touch with their inner child, forever part of each of us, will enjoy it.

Abandoned in the woods by his parents, a young boy named Teddy slides downward into a dream world where he is faced with many challenges to his ingenuity and courage. In a realm that is home to a variety of animals and ruled by a gigantic jackrabbit, the king puts him through three major tests to determine whether he is worthy of remaining there. Passing the tests, Teddy moves to a neighboring realm, where he meets a girl named Mindy, whom he would love to have as a sister. She disappears, and he encounters many other creatures as he endeavors to find her. They include a family of mischievous imps, an overpowering and controlling mother, a brutal giant, and a little bluebird who serves as a guide. At the end of an elaborate journey, Teddy awakens to a promising new life.

The books is available at Mostly Books (Tucson) and Antigone Books (Tucson) as well as from the author. A Kindle edition is available on Amazon.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors October, 2014

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