PM Press- Authors, Books, Book Festivals, and Other Book Events

PM Press- Authors, Books, Book Festivals, and Other Book Events

impact, amplify, and revitalize
the discourse and actions of radical authors, filmmakers, and artists

Joshua Kahn Russell and Winona LaDuke show off A Line in the Tar Sands during the Climate events in NYC, poster for Speaking OUT launch in Philly, Silvia Federici speaking to a crowd at Wesleyan University, and a great shot of World War 3 Illustrated artists after the Brooklyn Book Festival event.
Author Events in October


Boston, MA – Edinburgh, UK – New York, NY – Eugene, OR – Liverpool, UK – Philadelphia, PA – Seattle, WA – San Francisco, CA – Madison, WI – Brisbane, AU – Brooklyn, NY – Olympia, WA & more!

Clifton Ross & Marcy Rein, coeditors of Until the Rulers Obey: Voices from Latin American Social Movements continue on a US Book Tour from Berkeley to the North East and Midwest in October & November

David Hartsough, author of Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist continues on a US Book Tour in New England, the Pacific Northwest, California, and more

Rachelle Lee Smith, launch events for Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus in Philadelphia on October 10th in collaboration with the Attic Youth Center, Queer Books, and Philly Pride at the William Way Community Center, on the 12th at Philly OUTFest, on the 15th at Queer Lit Fest, and in New York at Bluestockings on October 18th

Sam Mayfield, director of Wisconsin Rising at screenings and discussions in Kenosha, Madison, and Oshkosh, WI, Orlando, FL, and Seattle, WA

Peter Kuper, coeditor of World War 3 Illustrated 1979-2014 and author of The System, Drawn to New York, and Diario de Oaxaca at New York Comic Con from October 9th to 12th and Columbia University Library on November 3rd

Chris Crass, author of Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy speaking and workshop series in New Bedford and Boston, MA from October 11th to 16th

Nicky Garratt, author of Mango & Mint: Arabian, Indian, and North African Inspired Vegan Cuisine at the 15th Annual World Veg Fest in San Francisco, CA on October 11th

John Barker, author of Futures: A Novel on a UK Book Tour from October 15th through 26th

John Curl, author of For All the People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperatives, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America at The Marxists School of Sacramento on October 16th

Immanuel Ness, editor of New Forms of Worker Organization: The Syndicalist and Autonomist Restoration of Class Struggle Unionism at the NALHC Conference in Detroit, MI on October 17th and 18th

Sarah Talbot & Yantra Bertelli, coeditors of My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids with Disabilities leading a workshop at the 7th Annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice in Portland, OR on October 18th

Joshua Kahn Russell, coeditor of A Line in the Tar Sands: Struggles for Environmental Justice book launch in South Brisbane, Australia on October 24th

John Shirley, author of New Taboos at the California Capital Book Festival in Sacramento, CA on October 26th

Kenneth Wishnia, author of Blood Lake, Red House, The Glass Factory, Soft Money, and 23 Shades of Black at NoirCon in Philadelphia, PA on November 1st

For the event details and full schedule, please go HERE
PM Press Tabling and Exhibiting in October

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London, UK – Minneapolis, MN – Portland, OR – Somerville, MA – Winnipeg, MB – San Diego, CA – Frostburg, MD – Edinburgh, UK – Sacramento, CA – San Francisco, CA and more!
8th Annual Western Maryland Independent Lit Festival in Frostburg, Maryland on October 11th

14th Annual Teaching 4 Social Justice Conference in San Francisco, CA on October 11th

15th World Veg Fest in San Francisco, CA on October 11th and 12th

Twin Cities Book Festival in Minneapolis, MN on October 11th with help from our friends at Boneshaker Books

Boston Zine Fest in Somerville, MA on October 12th

Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference in San Diego, CA from October 16th to 18th

25th Annual National Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA from October 17th through 19th

North West Teaching for Social Justice in Portland, OR on October 18th

The 31st Annual London Anarchist Book Fair in London, UK on October 18th

The 18th Edinburgh Radical Book Fair in Edinburgh, UK from October 22nd through 25th

Winnipeg Anarchist Bookfair/Canzine DIYfest! in Winnipeg, Canada from October 24th through 26th with help from our friends at Turning the Tide

California Capital Book Festival in Sacramento, CA on October 25th and 26th

For the full schedule and more information, please go HERE.
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