by R J Mirabal

Contemporary Southwest Fantasy

Wrenched from a deteriorating lifestyle when his promiscuous wife kicked him out, Don Vargas rents a dilapidated casita which … unknown to him, of course … is actually to a portal to another world.

Being clueless about his future (or, for that matter, his past), through the portal, Don reluctantly participates in an alternative existence in the Vallle Abajo, a place like, yet strangely unlike, his own Rio Grande Valley.

At first, he sees the Valle clanspeople as a sophisticated mix of divergent races and cultures being forced to unite to defeat the Soreyes.  Except they can’t.  They desperately need help fighting the wily and power Soreyes who have built a mysterious Tower, a Tower that dominates the landscape and magically empowers them to preempt the clans’ every effort to escape their terrible reign.

But all Don wants is to swill beer, shout profanities, and douse his every thought and action with cynicism.  Only the disarming beauty and quiet wisdom of a young curandera of the Piralit clan can hope to convince him to accept their quest, that and the dogged determination of Nersite, a pint-size storyteller and occasional warrior of the Nohmin clan.

Each time Don bounces between the Rio Grande Valley and Valle Abajo, his perception of the clans and their plight evolves until he discovers the shocking reality not only of the Valle, but of the lineage that led him there.

EXTREME DUST STORMS MAY EXIST R J Mirabal, introduces the sequel to THE TOWER OF II SEROHE, and then sometime in 2015, R J will launch the third book to conclude the trilogy.  Watch for it.

THE TOWER OF II SERROHE is available where find books are sold, paperback & ebook

ISBN 978-1-61296-097-5

RJMirabal@gmail.com or RJMmirabal.glog.com



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