by Gary W. Metz

This book began with the author’s search for information about his uncle, Virgil Radclife, a WWII pilot.  The quest for details of his uncle’s life in the military began with a letter to St. Louis Military Records Center in 1988 and culminated in this in-depth and compelling story of the lives of ten men and their service to their country, all of whom trained to be fighter pilots at the West Point of the Air, Randolph Field in San Antonio, Texas.  They were part of the class of men who were dubbed The Last of the Randolph Blues.

Through years of tenacious searching, author Gary Metz gathered military and personal records, tracked the pilots and/or their families, read all material he could find on the subject, and built a history of these ten men (all assigned to the 60th Fighter Squadron of the 33rd Fighter Group) and their years during WWII.  The book is rich in details of military life including personal diary entries, letters, and military historical records during their assignment in the U.S., North Africa, and Italy.

In addition to the historic contents are entries that humanize the intensely dehumanizing elements of war: HISTORY OF 60TH FIGHTER SQUADRON SUPPLEMENT FEB. 2, 1943

Gary W. Metz has had a life-long interest in aircraft and also studied history in college.  Gary Metz is a member of the P-38 National Association and the 1st Fighter Group Association, and has written articles for their newsletters.  Metz has a story in the compilation work P-38 LIGHTNING UNFORGETTABLE MISSIONS OF SKILL, LUCK, AND COURAGE and has had articles published in LOGBOOK, an aviation history magazine.  In addition Gary Metz is acknowledged as a contributing source for P-40s OF THE MEDITERRANEAN by Tomasz Szlagor and was interviewed for the documentary SURVIVORS’ STORIES by Michael Fraicelli.

Amethyst Moon Press

ISBN 978-1-938714-00-9


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