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All Mystery enewsletter- Mystery Reads 9/13/2014

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In the 09/13/2014 edition:

 Mystery in “Murder with Sarcastic Intent” by Dani Amore

 Humorous Mystery in “Just Needs Killin’” by Jinx Schwart

Suspense in “The Silent Reporter” by Mobashar Quresh

“THE RUNNING BOY” by Dan Pollock

Cozy Paranormal in “Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice” by Janet McNulty

New Mystery in “A Dead Red Alibi” by RP Dahlke

Mystery in “Murder with Sarcastic Intent” by Dani Amore

By RP Dahlke on Sep 13, 2014 05:50 am
Murder with Sarcastic IntentMurder with Sarcastic Intent by Dani Amore

In the follow-up to the international bestselling novel DEATH BY SARCASM, Los Angeles based private investigator Mary Cooper is hired to track down a missing child.

The case quickly leads her into the seedy underworld of Los Angeles’ pornography industry where Mary’s on again off again boyfriend Jake Cornell has been working undercover for the LAPD. As Mary investigates, she soon uncovers a world in which no one is who they claim to be.

Armed with her .45 and a heavily sarcastic wit, Mary vows to rescue her client’s daughter and bring her captors to justice.

See what reviewers are saying:

“Dani Amore is a sensation among Kindle owners who love fast-paced thrillers.” –Mystery Tribune “A smart new detective story stuffed with sharp prose and snappy one liners.” –Indie Reader

“Mary Cooper is tougher than Stephanie Plum (by Janet Evanovich), smarter, and would reduce her to tears in under 30 seconds.” –St. Augustine Record

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Humorous Mystery in “Just Needs Killin’” by Jinx Schwartz

By RP Dahlke on Sep 13, 2014 05:45 am
Just Needs KillinJust Needs Killin’ by Jinx Schwartz 

 on Kindle

OR FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht and she’s not afraid to use it!

After several months of cruising Mexico’s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez, Hetta’s in Puerto Escondido, a place once described by author John Steinbeck as “a magic harbor.” Anchored out, swaying on the hook at the whim of breeze and tide, surrounded by magnificent views and turquoise water can be magical. Stuck at anchor alone? Not so much.

So when her best friend, Jan, gets them an invite to a party at a nearby luxury resort hosted by a Japanese businessman—all expenses paid—Hetta figures, why not? Why turn down an evening of free food and booze? And besides, what could possibly go wrong? With Hetta involved? Plenty.

See what reviewers are saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars Some things never get old – Fabulous July 29, 2014
By Linda – I’ve finished all six of the Hetta Coffey series and I’m so sorry that there aren’t more. The characters are well defined and Hetta and Jan are in trouble most of the time. One of the things that draws me in is the humor. This author has a gift.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Laugh Out Loud Read! July 17, 2014
By Debbie Grace – As a huge fan of series books, this series ranks up with the best of them! Funny, and full of suspense, it leaves you wanting more, more, more! The chemistry between Hetta and her best pal Jan makes me want to be the Third Amigo. The technicalities of sailing a ship sound spot on, so it’s obvious that Ms. Schwartz knows of what she speaks. The author is one I’ll be on the lookout for!! Oh yeah,,,,,read this book,,,read the entire series!!

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Suspense in “The Silent Reporter” by Mobashar Qureshi

By RP Dahlke on Sep 13, 2014 05:30 am
Silent ReporterThe Silent Reporter  by Mobashar Qureshi 

 FREE Sept 13-30, 2014

Hyder Ali, a Muslim-American, is working as a reporter for the Daily Times. Eric Freeland, his old professor and mentor, is found hanging inside his home. Freeland’s daughter, Jessica, shows up asking for Hyder’s help. She believes her father was murdered.

Detective Tom Nolan is assigned the Freeland case. He is an alcoholic who would rather sit in a bar and get drunk than work on the case.

What looks like an apparent suicide soon turns into something more sinister when Hyder, Jessica, and Nolan begin searching for the truth.

See what reviewers are saying:

Fast paced mystery – BARBARA L. FURLICH (Amazon)
Must read book, you want regret it. – Randall S. Mardis (Amazon)
Wow … what a read! – Linda M Carlson (Amazon)
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“THE RUNNING BOY” by Dan Pollock

By RP Dahlke on Sep 13, 2014 05:03 am
running-boyTHE RUNNING BOY  by Dan Pollock 
A hideaway lake in the mountains above Los Angeles. A woman journalist on the run with a mystery boy, a step ahead of hired Red Mafia killers. A reclusive bachelor in a chalet high above the lake, staring down through binoculars. These are the initial ingredients of a full-throttle, nonstop chase thriller that accelerates from its opening pages to a breathtaking finale.

Eight-year-old Andrei “Andy” Morozov possesses a secret that could bring down the new Russian president, a media darling who conceals imperial ambitions. With geopolitical stakes this high, a secret directive is given–the boy must be hunted down and silenced forever. Thus, from the heart-pounding opening sequence, the thrilling helter-skelter race is on. Yet, as we see in vivid flashback, this is only the deadly home stretch of a six-months’ pursuit that began explosively in Moscow and has careened across Europe and America to reach its lethal climax amid the neon dazzle of the Russian neighborhoods of West Hollywood.

A story of revenge and relentless pursuit, The Running Boy will surprise and delight readers who enjoy thrillers, including action adventure and chase thrillers. Dan Pollock, a member of the International Thriller Writers, is also author of Lair of the Fox, Duel of Assassins and Orinoco.

see what reviewers are saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars Running with him June 23, 2014 / By Alice Recker – I couldn’t put the book down though at times I had to since it was so action-packed and left me gasping for air. I felt like I was right there with Andy and always by his side through harrowing escape routes. I recommend this as a good read if you are up to suspense and lots of action.

5.0 out of 5 stars A VIVID READ June 9, 2014 / By Joan Elaine Hitchie – Introducing a little boy as the main character in danger causes the reader to be drawn in emotionally, and gripped by fear for his safety. Add vivid, continual action, which makes the story play out like scenes in a movie. If Hollywood does not make a movie based on this book they will be passing up on a blockbuster.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great edge of your seat thriller October 9, 2013 / By The Book Lady- This book was a great edge of your seat thriller. I read it in one sitting… couldn’t put it down. Non stop action from one scene to another. What was surprising was the humorous moments along the way. Made me laugh out loud numerous times. I’m going to look at the author’s other books now that I have discovered him. Well worth it if your looking for a great book.
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Cozy Paranormal in “Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice” by Janet McNulty

By RP Dahlke on Sep 13, 2014 04:45 am
Sugar and SpiceSugar And Spice And Not So Nice by Janet McNulty 

FREE Sept 13-30, 2014

A Cozy Mystery Bestseller! And it’s yours for Free!
Want a light-hearted mystery with a paranormal twist? Want a book you can read in a couple of hours?

My name is Mellow Summers and I am twenty-six years old. I was never one to believe in ghosts, but all that changed the day I decided to attend a university up in Vermont. I don’t know why I wanted to go to Vermont, considering that I hate the cold. I guess I just wanted to get away from my parents for a while, who had made it their mission in life to tell me how to live. Anyway, like I said, I never believed in ghosts. That is, not until I met Rachel.

And my life has never been the same since.

See what reviewers are saying: 

By Sherry Fundinon June 7, 2012 – Mellow was going to film school in Vermont and her friend Jackie, needing a change of pace, went with her. When they found a cheap place to rent, they questioned why it was so cheap. The former tenant had been murdered and some believed her ghost was haunting the place.I fell in love with Mellow and all her friends. I found this book laugh-out-loud fun to read. It is light-hearted and a make-you-feel-good read. It’s perfect for sitting around the pool or at the beach. Easy to read in one sitting, which I did.

By Dobermanon June 15, 2014 – This story about female sleuths solving murder mysteries gives a new take. I have read her first two books and the last one, which I read first. I always seem to do that, Solving crimes of people who were murdered and talking to the ghosts. I have enjoyed these books. The author has given humor,action,murder, and romance in her books. The books are great, the stories hold your attention and they are fun. The books are easy reading as the stories move right along. Keep it up Janet McNulty.

By schirmeron April 24, 2014 – I went looking for a good read and so happened I found a great new paranormal mystery. This is the first in the Mellow Summers series so I thought why not. Only to find it a great read. Once I started it I never put it down till I finished it. If you love paranormal read this book. The trouble Miss Summers finds herself in with a ghost and her problems will make you mad for what happened to her, laugh because she will not leave Mellow alone. I don’t want to give too much away but it is a must read. You will buy the series it is that good, I have. I do love mysteries with the paranormal.

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$2.99/FREE New Mystery in “A Dead Red Alibi” by RP Dahlke

By RP Dahlke on Sep 13, 2014 04:00 am
DeadAlibi_eBook_2nd RED

A Dead Red Alibi by RP Dahlke

New Release and #4 in the Dead Red Mystery Series

$2.99 on Kindle now

OR Get it with Kindle Unlimited!

A successful, but reclusive young artist with a secret life.

A wannabe lawman and his dotty gun-toting granddad

An abandoned mine pit

A curious dad and a very dead police chief

When Lalla Bains and her dad take a trip to Arizona to inspect her new property, Dad disappears. Thankfully, Lalla is able to enlist the help of a local tracker and finds him at the bottom of an abandoned mine pit. He’s unharmed, but he’s got company–a local police chief, and it looks like the man has been murdered. Then too, a young woman artist living nearby has also been murdered. What’re the chances that these two murders are going to be related? Well, if you’re Lalla Bains, you don’t guess, you start looking for the killer!

see what reviewers are saying:

“From the first sentence of this fourth installment of the Dead Red series, author R.P. Dahlke had me hooked. “Except for a lank rope and ancient boards loosely sheltering a dark hole, my dad’s brand new four-wheel-drive Jeep sat coolly detached and totally unconcerned that its driver was nowhere around.” Of course I wanted to know just what might be in that hole and how this unfortunate soul came to be there. As with all R.P. Dahlke mysteries, she begins by throwing out an enticing rope. Not once have I been able to refuse grabbing onto it, and I’ve been rewarded with a fantastic ride each and every time …  A Dead Red Alibi is my favorite of the series so far. The mystery is a solid one. There were a few times I thought I had it figured out, but Dahlke’s a pro. She’s gifted when it comes to weaving an exciting tale and knows well how to leave crumbs for her readers to follow. She’s clever with her clues and even better with her ability to surprise. This was a fun read with an enormously satisfying ending that will have you shaking your head, laughing out loud and wondering why all books don’t wrap up so creatively. I hope this author is busy right now at her computer. I can’t wait for book number five.” J.C. Wing, Author of Alabama Skye, Amazon


” …  Dahlke is a polished storyteller, having that innate sense of the need for humor inserted into her mysteries that helps not only propel them along, but also keeps our attention during the rest stops. And while producing suspense about a very complicated crime she lets her story breathe with relationships – family, friends, loves – that allows us to build faith in the somewhat quirky character of Lalla Bains, a trait that practically guarantees that readers will follow the other books in this Dead Red Mysteries series. This is a very strong, immensely satisfying, idiosyncratic and entertaining mystery novel. Highly recommended. ” Grady Harp, Amazon

Dead Red Alibi presents proof that Lalla and her family do not cause murder and mayhem, it follows them around … I look forward to more adventures of Lalla’s gang in the southwest.” by Terry in CA, Amazon
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