Susan Vreeland Author- LISETTE’S LIST


by Susan Vreeland

Susan Vreeland’s new novel, LISETTE’S LIST, in stores Aug. 26, 2014

         Susan Vreeland

Here’s a glimpse into Lisette’s List:
In Provence during World War II, a family’s beloved collection of paintings by Pissarro, Cézanne, and Picasso, hidden from Germans intent on seizing Europe’s art, is subsequently stolen. Urged on by Chagall who is evading capture by Nazis, Lisette takes on the quest to recover them.

Through sacrifice and tragedy, occupation and liberation, small acts of kindness and great acts of courage, Lisette learns to forgive, to live robustly, and to love again.

My little essay, “Inklings of Inspiration,” explains how this book, so different from my others, came to be born.

For more about Lisette’s List…

Thank you for reading my books, giving them as gifts, and recommending them to friends. Your loyalty over the years has made my life one grand literary joy.

Devotedly Susan

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