Gayle Rosengren Author- WHAT THE MOON SAID


by Gayle Rosengren

Putnam Young Readers   220/2014

Historical Fiction for Ages 8-12

When Esther’s father loses his job in Chicago and the family moves to a run-down farm in Wisconsin, Esther tells herself it will be an adventure and consoles herself with the thought that there will be animals on the farm, even horses!

Although life on the farm turns out to much harder than expected, Ester doesn’t mind.  Extra work means more opportunities to show her mother how helpful she can be and perhaps win the hug or kiss she wants so much.  But Ma believes in “signs” and Old Country superstitions that bring good or bad luck.  Esther tries to observe all of them- until Ma sees a sign that Esther just can’t believe is right.  Now what?  Should she listen to her mother or her heart?

Like the main character in her book WHAT THE MOON SAID Gayle Rosengren grew up in Chicago and only later moved to Wisconsin.  While in Illinois, Gayle worked as a children’s and young adult librarian, enthusiastically sharing her love of books.  Now she lives with her husband Don and rescue dog Fiona in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, where she writes full time.

WHAT THE MOON SAID is her first novel, but a second book from Putnam is already on its way.  Watch for its release in the summer of 2015.

In the meantime, visit Gayle’s website at for more information about her books, her availability for school visits and book signings, giveaways, and discussion questions for teachers and book clubs.

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