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July 2014

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Black Blocs, Squatters, and a call to Abolish Work. Sounds like perfect Summer Reading!

Francis Dupuis-Déri outlines the origin of the international Black Bloc phenomenon, its dynamics, and its goals, arguing that the use of violence always takes place in an ethical and strategic context. Heavily illustrated and thoroughly researched, The City Is Ourspaints a broad and complex picture of Europe’s squatting and autonomous movements in eight different cities. And finally available for the first time in a single book format, Abolish Work combines two influential and well-circulated pamphlets written from the frontlines of the class war.

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BlkBlocsWho’s Afraid of the Black Blocs?: Anarchy in Action around the World
Francis Dupuis-Déri
Paperback | ISBN: 9781604869491 | $19.95

Faces masked, dressed in black, and forcefully attacking the symbols of capitalism, Black Blocs have been transformed into an anti-globalization media spectacle. But the popular image of the window-smashing thug hides a complex reality.

Francis Dupuis-Déri outlines the origin of this international phenomenon, its dynamics, and its goals, arguing that the use of violence always takes place in an ethical and strategic context. Translated into English for the first time and completely revised and updated to include the most recent Black Bloc actions at protests in Greece, Germany, Canada, and England, and the Bloc’s role in the Occupy movement and the Quebec student strike, Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs? lays out a comprehensive view of the Black Bloc tactic and locates it within the anarchist tradition of direct action.
“A level-headed, carefully researched inquiry into a subject that
reduces most pundits to foaming at the mouth.” 
—-CrimethInc. Writers’ Bloc

CityOUrsThe City Is Ours: Squatting and Autonomous Movements in Europe from the 1970s to the Present
Edited by Bart van der Steen, Ask Katzeff, and Leendert van Hoogenhuijze with a preface by George Katsiaficas and foreword by Geronimo
Paperback| ISBN: 9781604866834 | $21.95

Squatters and autonomous movements have been in the forefront of radical politics in Europe for nearly a half-century—-from struggles against urban renewal and gentrification, to large-scale peace and environmental campaigns, to spearheading the antiausterity protests sweeping the continent.
Through the compilation of the local movement histories of eight different cities—-including Amsterdam, Berlin, and other famous centers of autonomous insurgence along with underdocumented cities such as Poznan and Athens—-The City Is Ours paints a broad and complex picture of Europe’s squatting and autonomous movements. Each chapter focuses on one city and provides a clear chronological narrative and analysis accompanied by photographs and illustrations.
“This is a wonderful and important book. It makes key contributions to how we should think about squatting as well as how we should think about the best way to study social movements. Insightful, provocative, and educational, it provides a broad spectrum of cases and perspectives on squatter movements in Europe.” 
—-Linus Owens, author of Cracking under Pressure

abolishworkAbolish Work: “Abolish Restaurants” Plus “Work, Community, Politics, War”
Paperback | ISBN: 9781604863406 | $9.95

Finally available for the first time in a single book format, Abolish Work combines two influential and well-circulated pamphlets written from the frontlines of the class war. The texts from the anonymous workers at offer cutting-edge class analysis and critiques of daily life accompanied by uncensored, innovative illustrations.
Moving from personal thoughts and interactions to large-scale political and economic forces, Abolish Work reads alternately like a worker’s diary, a short story, a psychology of everyday life, a historical account, and an angry flyer someone would pass you on the street. The classic “Abolish Restaurants” is an illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways in which restaurant workers fight against it. An additional piece, “Work, Community, Politics, War” is a comic book introduction to modern society, identifying both the oppressive and subversive tendencies that exist today in order to completely remake society.
“The entire booklet is enthralling, perhaps especially so if you don’t
already know what goes on behind the scenes for underpaid,
non-unionized restaurant workers in the United States.”

—-Brittany Shoot,

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Recent News/Reviews 
Until the Rulers Obey in Library Journal (Starred Review)
Review by Leslie Lewis
This treasure trove of primary-source material conveys the strategies and tactics social movements have used with the so-called “Pink Tide” (or moderately leftist) governments that have come to power since the 1990s.Until the Rulers Obey fills a void in Latin American history coverage and does so with experts and the voices of grassroots activists. Highly recommended for those interested in social change in Latin America or looking for a primary-source reader for modern Latin American history.

Read the full review online HERE.
World War 3 Illustrated on The Atlantic
Review by Steven Heller
World War 3 celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. That’s longer than World Wars 1 and 2 put together. WW3, however, is a comics magazine—-founded by artists Peter Kuper and Seth Tobocman—-which has fought political, social, and religious folly through hundreds of killer comic strips… When looked at alongside other key comics documents, it’s a window on two generations of alternative cultural and political ideas.
Read the fully-illustrated review HERE.
The Cost of Lunch, Etc. on Booklist
Review by Deborah Donovan
Marge Piercy’s latest short stories focus, as do her many novels, poetry collections, and earlier stories, on powerful female characters—-women who are not always right, or sympathetic, or admirable, but definitely strong… Piercy homes in on her characters, mixing just the right amount of humor into her always insightful take on imperfect human relationships, in their many guises.

Read the full review HERE.
How to Make Trouble and Influence People in YES! Magazine
Review by Madeline Ostrander
While the title, of course, parodies the most famous example of the self-help genre, How to Make Trouble is more Howard Zinn than Dale Carnegie. It offers an alternative history of Australia, chronicling how it “has progressed by a series of little rebellions.”
Read the full review HERE.
Dead Kennedys on Louder than War
Review by Nathan Brown
A long overdue book focusing on the early years of one of punk rock’s most notorious and greatest loved bands, Dead Kennedys. Alex Ogg brings the story alive using interviews not only with band members, but with other contemporary witnesses including gig-goers… I came away from reading this book marveling once again at the musicianship, lyrical satire and sarcasm, theatrics, imaginative pranks, and art that made Dead Kennedys stand out all those years ago—-and still stand out now.

Read the full review HERE.

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