Dr. David Orlowski Author- OUR FIRST 22 DAYS IN HEAVEN


by Dr. David Orlowski

“Expansive and imaginative!  It is more than an interesting read; it is a Bible-based, inspiring message of hope rooted in the living truth of Christ.”- D. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, Kings University

“I could not put this book down!  I now see Heaven three-dimensionally.”- Barry Goldwater Jr., U.S. Congressman

“Powerful and transforming!  C.S. Lewis’ writing … I was transported to a place of sight, sound and imagination.”- Dr. Michael Richardson

“This book is the Avatar version of Heaven!  It’s a fully vivid, technicolor rendering of what Heaven is really like!”- A. Avila Smith

“This book is tremendously gifted with imagination.  It has aroused and expanded our conceptions of heaven.  It just made us love God more.”- Pastor Paul Andrews, Faith Family Church

Available in paperback or eBook at TwoTressPublishing.com or call 480-619-8486


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