Kareena Maxwell Author- STANLEY


by Kareena Maxwell

A new novel inspired by life of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero, mother of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America during 1995, the last year of her life in Indonesia.

Written in fine poetic prose, STANLEY is destined to become a best seller.  In real life Stanley’s father had wished for a boy.  When she was born, he surprisingly named her Stanley.  In her life, the admirable and legendary Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero became an American Economic Anthropologist who worked diligently and with great compassion in helping peasants of Kajar, Indonesia.  Maxwell has written this novel by creating a family of villagers and friends around a woman named Stanley.  We are privy to Stanley’s inner most thoughts as she explores the depth of love and friendship in search of her own identity as she is working to obtain microfinance loans to the Indonesian cottage industries.


The rain in Jajar is never easy.  It falls onto you face like tiny daggers and into your brain to sort out your real purpose in life.  Swift darts fly through the air furiously filling the ground until it swells with mudslides and mosquito filled pools.  In the elevated land of Jakarta thin people endure the volcanoes and ash that they inhale from the eruptions ….   … When I was a child I decided that people were so interesting that I was going to learn everything that I could about them.  Then I arose one morning and I was on the other side of the world.  I evolved here from a journey that began in America … My name is Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro and early on in life I had to defend myself … My father wanted a boy, and I was not going to forget it.  With my long black hair and interest in the … workings of who we are I …



Publisher: Jo-An Pictures Ltd.

Cover Illustration- John Lane

Hard Cover- 6×9 inches – 232 Pages


ISBN- 101-890719-11-0

Distributor: Ingram, Baker and Taylor, BookMasters, Atlas



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