Jo-Marie Author- ADI’S WORLD


by Jo-Marie

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a sugar maple tree?  Your whole village lives inside the tree’s trunk and branches.  How tall are you?  What is your home like?  Does your bedroom have windows?  Where do you go to school?  Does your school have a playground?

What if one day a branch on your school’s playground cracks open?  This branch is high in the air.  What danger does this crack bring to your school and community?  What if the adults in your community can’t solve the problem?  What will you and your classmates do?  Will you think of ways to help your community?  Who will lead this important project?  Will you solve the mystery of how the crack happened and why?  What if things go wrong?

Adi faces these problems with the help of her friends and a very special person.  Through His help and guidance, Adi finds courage she doesn’t know she has.  Adi learns to answer His question: Who are you, Adi?

Available now from WestBow Press

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SC ISBN978-1-4497-9416-3

HC ISBN978-1-4497-9417-0




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